Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Visit to L'Art Glacier

Here's a little Provence sunshine for all those in the colder climes at the moment.

These pictures were taken in Spring at L'Art Glacier, a house-turned-ice-cream-café.

You can read about them (a family operated business) here.

It's off the beaten track in Provence but still draws a good crowd.

The fountain kept the littles entertained (how many times do you think the words 'NOT IN THE FOUNTAIN' were spoken that day?)

While the incredible views had the adults enthralled.

And everyone was impressed with the menu which had a whole lotta ice cream.

Our choices:

The Provençal trio of Rosemary, Lavender and Honey ice creams. This was the pick of the menu in my humble opinion. The mister ordered it.

My choice: Salted Butter Caramel, Tiramisu and something else I can't remember now. It was very nice, don't get me wrong, but the mister's was better.

The kids went for an assortment of Vanilla, Chocolate, White Chocolate and Caramel all with a few squirts of Chantilly cream. Mmmm.

If you are out and about in Provence on a warm day, I would recommend you drop in. The sweets and the scenery are just beautiful.

Seen on the way home:

Hope you're all having a great week.

I hope I haven't broken anything by the time this delayed entry posts.

And I hope the wifi is working at our accommodation so I can keep in touch.

A bientôt!


Cally said...

Thanks for the reminder that spring is just around the corner - beautiful photos as ever!

Poppyprint said...

Oh my, another address to plug into our GPS! It seems to be all in the presentation. Your kids must have thought they'd really hit the ice cream jackpot that day. Yummo! Hope the skiing/snow play is lots of fun (and def. that you haven't broken anything!!!).

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

My mouth was interested when I read "ice cream" and it was drooling when I saw the photos!

The field of poppies is stunning and the shot of the gate could grace the cover of a novel...

Safe travels and enjoy!


Sarah - Red Gingham said...

An ice cream restaurant!! My goodness, there's a grand idea. Don't you just hate it when someone else gets a meal that you wish you ordered? I do think that your heart plate and rose wins for looks though.

Love love the photo of the poppies. I'd love to see a field of those or even lavender some day. Enjoy your chilly holiday. Be careful!

Susan said...

Ah, menu envy! Happens often in our brekkie cycling group!! LOVE the poppies shot! And you know all the best Provence places! Maybe a guide book might be a project for you! Happy skiing!

Nicola said...

Not really ice cream weather here tonight but those will go on our French bucket list!

AL said...

Oh WOW! The ice-cream looks fabulous and of course, it IS low fat? LOL. :)

I have a thing for pictures and paintings of poppies...yours is just so lovely Kirsty. It makes me want to just get on a plane and visit right now.

Sara Louise said...

You had me at Lavender Honey ice cream but then I saw Salted Butter Caramel and I drooled a little bit.

Lady Demelza said...

oooh, Kirsty! what a treat! love the poppies, and the thistle-with-poppies. and the lavender and rosemary icecreams stopped me in my tracks - that definitely gets a place on the Bucket List.
by the way, just letting you know i've gotten around to starting a blog. thanks for being part of my inspiration! once i work out about how to put blog lists on, I'll certainly be giving you a rave. love your work!

Nightclub Guest List said...

Hey beautiful place and the pictures are amazing, i like it very much...

Eva said...

Beautiful location and beautiful pictures, my favourite is the one with the poppies. :-) Your post makes me want to eat lavender ice cream, even though it's minus 20 degrees Celsius here. :-)

Marg said...

Beautiful photos, and for once I didn't read this before breakfast, phew! It is ice cream weather here though.
Love the photo of the poppies.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Good golly, not sure what is more delicious, the view, the decor, ice cream or the way it's presented, those pretty flowers & sweet crockery, ah, so dreamy.
Oh the poppies, fields of poppies, nothing prettier, love Posie

C. R. Spooner said...

I'm with I do so want to eat lavender ice cream...and rosemary...and honey...

Thank you for the beauty.

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