Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Tooth Fairy is Coming to Town.

Hello everyone, we're back! Alive!

In between washing piles of ski clothes and vomit from the 2 year old's car seat (tantrum, chunky pizza, please don't ask me anymore...) I thought I'd pop in and say hello.

After the mild winter we've had here in Provence it's ironic to come back from Italy and find our village under a blanket of snow.  I really didn't think we'd see any of the white stuff this year. The birdbath scoffs at me:

Daffodils still going strong through the snow. 

I'll have even snowier pictures to show you shortly, but in the meanwhile the big news around here is that the eldest (finally) has a 'bit of a sore tooth'. At 7 and a half years old I was getting a little worried, but hopefully this will be the start of a charming gap-toothed smile.

The mechanics of the Tooth Fairy have come up in conversation - I think I might need to sew something to mark this momentous occasion.

On Larissa's blog mmmcrafts I saw this super cute tutorial for a tooth holding softie (a tooth within a tooth, we must go DEEPER). Easily customised for boys or girls.

Or I could whip up a colourful little pouch that would slip right under his pillow.

Find the tutorial for these here at the Purl Bee

If I was feeling lazy I would just buy one of these gorgeous little tooth fairy friend softies from Jenny (who blogs at plants and animals).

You can find Jenny's etsy store here (lots of cute little softies and prints in there).

But I'm actually thinking of something a little different - inspired by this clever hoop I saw on Amy's blog, During Quiet Time.

Perhaps with a pocket for the tooth and one for the money. (And perhaps one exactly as shown for me, later.)

If I make it in neutral fabric colours all the kids can use it (this is a very attractive point for me as I don't particularly feel like making four of the suckers).

All you old and bold parents out there... did you keep your children's baby teeth? All of them?

I have locks of hair from all four of ours and am now wondering if I should keep a tooth or two as well?

I'm also wondering what the heck I'd do with them. Can you open beer bottles with them? I suppose a tooth could prove useful should said son abscond to Mexico with a lady of dubious reputation when he's 18. I'll have some DNA to give to the private investigator I hire to track him down.

Mmm, I hope he looks like Tom Selleck.

The PI, not my son. It would be weird if my son grew up to look like Tom Selleck.

Not to mention it would make my husband very suspicious. (Not as suspicious as if he grew up to look like Hugh Jackman though.)

Back soon with a little tour around Briançon. A bientôt! 


Anonymous said...


Remember in France there is no Tooth Fairy; it is la Petite Souris (the little mouse) who comes and leaves some change behind for the tooth. So I vote for the little pouch which are very cute.
Annick now in Texas
annick5424 at gmail.com

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Our tooth fairy also gives earrings and natural lollipops sometimes instead of money. No, I haven't kept all of her teeth, but I do feel weird throwing them away. I'm keeping some... And it's also weird keeping them! I guess I figure she may ask me for them when she "figures" this out sooner or later. Aria has lost 8 teeth, so I think she has figured it out (mama isn't always as stealthy as we would like), but she's choosing to believe.

Carol said...

My "babies" are 22 and 19...I kept several teeth from each one, came across them recently and just laughed...I asked each one if they wanted me to keep them, they laughed and couldn't believe I would save them...so out they went!

Of course I am years ahead of you!

Carol :-)

Poppyprint said...

I love the idea of a toothfairy monster doll with two pockets! I did save a tooth from each kid, but now I don't know which is who's. I suck at memorabilia. No baby clothes, either. All I kept were the fav board books.

Glad you made it home relatively unscathed (save for the puke). I wish we had some snow here....but it can melt there by March 25 please.

Susan said...

Keeping teeth?! No, it wasn't the done thing in my day! (you know how OLD I am!!!) seems a little macabre to me! Could you thread them onto a necklace? That'd be weird! I do like the variety of tooth fairy pillows. I'm sure you'll create something unique! And name him Tom or Hugh!

Michelle said...

Your links are sweet, thanks for sharing them!

I used a pillow with a pocket for when my son lost his tooth and was visited. Then I would have him place the pillow by his feet so it would be easier to get at it. There were a couple of times he woke up or stirred even without rummaging around near his head. Then there were the times I would forget he put his tooth in there & would have to tell him in the morning that it must have been a busy night for the Fairy!

I have kept his teeth but I don't know what I want to do with them yet. when I was growing up, a friend of mine had his made into beads and strung for him by his uncle. It would make a weird bracelet/necklace but I can't imagine just throwing them away, they're cute.

meredith said...

I started by keeping all of the teeth, then the girl two swallowed some of hers and I started mixing them up with girl number one's teeth...so my future PI is going to have to sort through the teeth to find the right DNA :)

Nicola said...

Funny, I just came across a random tooth today in my jewelry box - should scare away any potential robbers! As a fellow mother of four, I would advise against keeping all the teeth, it gets macabre and you'll never remember which mouth they came out of. My three tooth losers each have a Purl Bee pouch - I made the last one on the day we moved out of our California house. Possibly my most crazed crafting moment ever! Be careful not to let the tooth fairy set the bar too high!

Aidan said...

Just keep in mind the difficulty of removing the tooth and replacing it with the money while your adorable child slumbers. It's not an easy task as I can attest because just last night I had to fish out the small pill box containing the tooth, open the lid and remove said tooth, replace the tooth with money, big money and then put the lid bak on and stiff it back under the pillow upon which my adorable sleeper's head rested. Whew!
And I've kept them all. It's kind of weird and morbid. I could make a freaky necklace though.
Aidan. Xo

Just..... US!! said...

Kirsty, that is hilarious that you thought of the 'DNA' aspect....lol!!

Marg said...

I still have a few of BP's teeth squirrelled away somewhere.
I like the idea of the little pouch, and making four of them would not be half as bad as the other ideas.Love the hoop idea but with my luck everything would fall out of it.
Only you, could find a way to add Hugh Jackman into a post about baby teeth.

Eva said...

Haha, I agree with Marg, good job to mention Hugh in this post! :-) You (and all of us) missed a topless photo opportunity, though. ;-)

There's no tooth fairy in Germany, so when I was a child, I kept one or two of my milk teeth (because disgusting is cool ...), but now they're gone.

The tooth with wings looks a bit scary to me ... I like the monster with the pockets and the little pouches. And I think nothing speaks against all four using the same item.

I'm glad you're all back with bones intact!

magpie chic said...

I have no answers to your tooth fairy dilema. You just make me laugh out loud! A bientot!
Luv Jacqui

Sara Louise said...

Since I don't have children and only a dog who apparently ate his baby teeth, I'm going to skip this whole tooth fairy thing and get right to the good stuff...
how cool would it be if your kid looked like Tom Selleck?! Like with a little moustache and everything. Weird yes, but definitely cool.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Funny that you would post about baby teeth as I came across my girls' baby teeth this weekend as I was cleaning out drawers. They have children of their own now and I called each to ask the question, "do you want your baby teeth?" Their responses were identical... "Ewwwwwwww, Mom!!" I took that as a "no" and threw them out. I do have baby locks of hair though.

Okay, now I am interested in the Tom Selleck/Hugh Jackman turn in your story. Don't worry about Tom if you are married to Hugh!


michelle said...

i love all of those tooth receptacles. we are a bit lazy here and have a gifted pillow for one and a little silver treasure box with a teddy complete with bandaged jaw on top.
the tooth fairy quite often forgets to call. i think the record is three weeks.
i do keep all of their teeth. it somehow seems wrong to throw them away. i have a vast collection after four kids ranging n age from 30 to 10. i might build a house out of them. my kids think its gross that i keep them

Salley said...

I have 4 offspring.
One tiny porcelain box with a weeny Fairy on the lid who'd lost her wings by the 4th child...(it did all the kids)

I kept all their fallen teeth in a jewellery box...along with my old school badges, my Mothers Funeral notice, a couple of precious buttons....you get the drift...nothing TOO amazing....

We were cleaned out during a Break and Enter and the box was emptied.
I still weep for those teeth.

I heard the story where a Mum secretly kept all the teeth. A son ended up doing Dentistry.
At Graduation she presented him with HIS own set of Babyteeth...she'd had them "set" correctly into a plaster "jaw". Amazing commitment to Motherhood.

I think 4 "own" pillows like the Purl Bee did would be gorgeous.
I had seen the tooth with the skirt on Larissa's blog..... and agree with Eva... it looks scary....and anaemic!

blandina said...

I love the 'Lady Tooth', she is so pretty that I might sew one for my lady dentist!
I didn't keep my children's teeth, I found it rather creepy (hair are different but I failed to label them so now I do not know to whom they belong...).

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