Thursday, February 23, 2012

Marseille Craft Fair, 2012

The weekend just past I took my life into my hands and drove to Marseille for the Tendances Créatives: Salon du Loisirs Créatifs et Déco Maison.


Marseille is gorgeous but a lot of people there drive like they're on crack.


But it was well worth the adventure as I got to see lots of cool arty and crafty stuff.

The vendors were pretty much the same as last year. I got myself some nice spices and loose teas:


I also picked up some jewellery making supplies as well as ogling the already made pieces:


Emöke, the very clever textile artist was there again this year.

Stalker photo from behind a display. 

She had lots of new work on display, including some of that of her students. It's hard not to be impressed by her bold use of colour.


I thought this installation was very clever - she's woven these pieces in 3D using recycled cardboard and plastic for support.


This year they had a large number of pieces on display from two associations: Librarts and Maestria Manuelles.

Here's the part where I have to admit to poor journalism skills - my recording of the artists' names left a lot to be desired.

If anyone recognises their work, please email me and I will add your details or delete the photo as you wish! Si vous reconnaissez votre oeuvre ici, SVP envoyez-moi un email et je mettrai à jour la photo avec votre nom ou je la supprimerai, comme vous voulez!

On to the art, which I found facinating. Even if a piece's subject matter or colours didn't appeal to me, the techniques used were really interesting. I had my nose to the display wall pretty much the whole time.

I really loved the close up on this piece:

Two layers of fabric (and other items), one layer cut away to reveal underneath:

The windows proved a popular theme. This piece was a collaborative effort:

Un Jour Orange de Les Mercredis du Librarts 
(Cobie, Suzanne, Françoise, Monique, Simone, Sylvie, Myriam, Chantal)

Not only were the main panels interesting:

This one then had windows inside the window. Look at the work involved, the attention to detail. 'Tis amazing.

Here are some more interesting techniques and delightful details. Mixed media galore.

Adore this - the embroidery echoing the lace. 

Love the use of fabric and metal thread to form the foliage:

Carnet de Voyage Imaginaire "Voyage au Coeur des Minéraux" de Chantal Foulon

The fabric has been dyed and treated to resemble rock salts:

Carnet de Voyage Imaginaire "Mon Jardin" de Cobie Bevers

Another one from Chantal Foulon at Librearts, titled Fusion, Fluide, Frisson.

Plenty of inspiration there for embroidery, patchwork and any sort of art you can imagine.

I have some more photos to show but I think I'd better save them for another day; this post is so photo-heavy my monitor's about to flip over.

Hope you're having a great week so far and that inspiration is abounding!

P.S. Today is my birthday.

38. Sniff.


verobirdie said...

Happy birthday to you! Enjoy your day!

Ps thank you for the pictures!

Lavender Honey said...

I love your coverage of this fair :) I was there too. Laughed at your description of Marseille drivers. There are frequent horrible motorcycle accidents on the street facing my apartment.

Happy birthday :) I just turned 36 myself :)

Cally said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty! The textile art photos are fascinating - so much intricate detail!

**Anne** said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty.
Anne xx

Virginia said...

Kirsty, it may be your birthday, but we are the ones that received the gifts....these gorgeous photographs. What a wonderful collection of artist work. It was worth risking life and limb in the traffic!

Bon anniversaire,

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Hi Ms Honey (you sound like a Bond Girl :).
I can't email you as you don't have email enabled on your profile - have you thought of doing this? You'd get tons more replies to your comments.
36, man, you're still a spring chicken! Hope you had fun at the fair too. We might have wandered past each other like ships in the night!

Sharon T said...

Love the pictures of the Fair. Happy Birthday!
Enjoy every birthday because no matter what age you are, you will look back to past years and think "I was so young".

Poppyprint said...

p.s. it's my birthday. Thanks for throwing that in there so we could all wish you a happy day!! I hope you are snarfing down decadent cake as I type (and enjoy my morning latte).

Ok, those art show photos are incredible. Thank you for sharing all that inspiration. Layering is where it's at, apparently. Love all that thread, lace, fabric, paint, metal, beads, weaving...etc. all together. I'll return to this post often for inspiration, I'm sure. Oh, and fabric that looks like rocks? Rocks.

Nicola said...

Another February birthday! Many happy returns - hope it's been a good one!

Love all your photos of the craft fair. Lots of inspiration.

Susan said...

Oh, Happy Birthday!!! 38! Whose the Spring Chicken!!! from the old duck! Great photos and amazing art!

A Treasured Past said...

Looks like a wonderful day (and an adventurous drive). Wishing you a very Happy belated Birthday Kirsty! Tam x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty. i found your blog a couple of days ago and am hooked. What an amazing life you lead, so beautiful and inspiring. As i sit in dull grey Scottish skies the snow one day and the clear blue and sun the next in your fab photographs have made me smile very widely, thank you. JB

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Thank you JB!

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Too true Sharon, I'm already wistful for 37! K x

Salley said...

Moet tonight? Congrats..(air kiss 3 times on the cheeks) you are in your prime, gal! Soak it up.
Great foto eye candy... thankyou!....and had another snort at your are better than drugs, Kirsty!

Lauren said...

Happy birthday! You share the day with my daughter who just turned 27. Twenty-three has always been a lucky number for her - how about you?
PS I'm also lucky because she's the best daughter I could have ever hoped for.

Nita said...

Happy birthday! ��. I enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey kirsti. Hope you had an awesome day. Not sure what u're sniffing about at 38. U're not even at halfway yet!

blandina said...

Oh, how much inspiration. I love those pieces, I think that our taste for creative embroidery is the same in this moment.
Buon compleanno, hope you had a wonderful and romantic evening.

Eva said...

Happy belated birthday, Kirsty!!! I hope you had a great day with a minimum of sniffing! The textile art is really interesting! A colleague of a friend of mine makes similar art combined with painting and I think they are really beautiful and tactile pieces! Amazing what can be done with fabric! (here's a link to her website:

Michelle said...

Happy belated birthday! Thanks for sharing your pictures. The textures were amazing. My husband really enjoyed them. He said if quilt shows had only art like that, he'd always go with me.

Marg said...

Happy birthday Kirsty, hey you are the spring chicken! You can start sniffing when you become ancient like some of us!
Thank you so much for sharing those photos. The detail in the work is amazing, and such wonderful inspiration. I'll be pinning more than one or two of them. It's been a while since I've seen beautiful textured layers like that.

Katy Cameron said...

Belated happy birthday (sorry, your blog is one of the ones on intermittent feed to my reader :o/) That fair looks absolutely fantastic! And I'm not going there on the fantastic weather *hmph*

Miriam said...

A belated Happy Birthday Kirsty!!!!

Thank you for sharing your photos of all those wonderful creations!!
Very inspiring!

Hitch and Thread said...

Lovely photos thanks for sharing. Unfortunately those numbers will be showing up at my house too in a couple of weeks. Sigh.

Maaike said...

haha, you just sneaked in the birthday at the end :) HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY my lovely! The craftfair seems more like and art fair to me, really what creative ideas with all kinds of material! You must have gotten over-inspired there...

Well, wishing you a happy weekend,

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