Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday, Friday, Gettin' Down on Friday

Mister to eldest: So, how's that sore tooth going? Is it starting to wiggle yet?
Son: No, but I think it's getting ready to wiggle.

You can see why I've been a bit slack on the Tooth Fairy sewing front, we're still only in the pre-wiggle phase. I'm wondering if this has all been a bit of a false alarm... time will tell.

Meanwhile, Salley forwarded me another cute tooth holding device option here. I like this as it means no fishing around under the pillow, which a few of you have kindly warned me about.

Annick reminded me that the Tooth Fairy doesn't even come to France - they have La Petite Souris, a little mouse instead. She also sent me a link with lots of interesting global info on the Young and the Toothless.

What else is going on this fine Friday?

The cold snap has left Provence - I think all the snow in our yard will be gone by the end of today.

No more snow olives

Or berries

Or swimming pool.

Well, I'm still chugging away on photo edits, like this one:


I have finally, finally, finally sewed my Chasing Chevrons quilt top together. Boy did I make that harder than it should've been.


Except my chevrons are no longer chasing, they're flocking. Flocking Chevrons. That might become my new swear word.


Tomorrow, all going well, I'll be heading in to the Tendances Créatives Craft Fair in Marseille. My third year visiting, I feel like a local! My write up of last year is here, and I just found a good 5 min video of it on their site here.

I wish you all sunny skies and lots of time to craft this weekend. Need some inspiration?

Here's some colourful goodness from the latest issue of Marie Claire Idées. If this doesn't get you going you're officially dead.


Friday, Friday,  gettin' down on Friday. 

Flocking Chevrons, now I'll never get that out of my head.


Eva said...

Beautiful inspiration all around! I think I'll have to get that issue of Marie Claire Idées! Great stitching ideas, and that blanket!!!

Your flocking chevrons look gorgeous! I love the colours and the fabric mix is great! It will be a beautiful quilt AND you invented a new swear word in the process, so I guess it was worth it ... ;-)

Your picture of that snowy landscape takes my breath away! Beautiful!

Have a great weekend!!! :-)

Aidan said...

Have fun this weekend. The whole mouse thing freaks me right out so i just pretend it's not true.
I love your flocking chevrons.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Flocking chevrons! I love it! It sounds much better than other expletives!

The quilt on the cover is to die for and I think that 2012 is going to be a very colorful year!


Nicola said...

Flocking chevrons indeed! Could have used that around here this week and it would not have been directed at the sewing! Also, no fair you have better snowy berries than we do ;)

C. R. Spooner said...

I'm laughing at your new swear words...repeated it several times and it feels good! ha

The stream with mountains feels like an entire movie.

Salley said...

Excellent chuckle on a Saturday morning...Thanks! ...Kirsty..... What do the frogs think of your Aussie irreverence!

AL said...

The snow scene is EXACTLY where I want to be right now! it's just too beautiful Kirsty.

Marg said...

Love your Flocking Chevrons, great colour combo.
I need to get me that copy of Marie Claire Idées, oh I'm in love with that crocheted throw.

Sara Louise said...

I think next Saturday we should play the new drinking game called, "flocking chevrons", every time someone says a swear word that is not, 'flocking chevrons' they have to drink.
Sorted. x

Susan said...

Lots of loveliness and inspiration Kirsty! I am glad Spring is on its way in Provence- or is it too early to call? Anyway, the Chevrons quilt is amazing! Probably doesn't deserve being sworn at!!

Pinky said...

beautiful photos as always! Love the Flocking Chevrons! Any chance of a list of the fabrics you're using??

B said...

I think your Flocking Chevrons look amazing - as do all the other photos.

The snow scenes in particular are just gorgeous. Your talent makes me green with envy.


Virginia said...

Kirsty, you've made my morning with your flocking chevrons and your gorgeous snow photos.
Bon lundi,

blandina said...

I love the tooth holding cushion, such a useful and cute idea.
You garden with the snow is fantastic. I bet it looked more like an enchanted forest.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh la la, colour sensation, love Posie

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