Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Australia Day!

January 26th is Australia Day. If you know someone Australian, make sure you kiss them! Preferably long and hard.


In honour of the day I'll be eating my croissant with Vegemite. Mmmm.

Well, it's a flurry of organising and packing and cleaning out the fridge here before we head off to the Italian Alps for a week of cross-country skiing. We have found a small, quiet village where we can play and walk (on groomed tracks) and cross-county ski as a family - and bonus - it's forecast to snow on Sunday. Wheee!

I'm packing my current hand sewing project so I can get some more work done.


On the craft front, I have been sewing lots of half square triangles...


And trimming them up to make chevrons (all part of Jennifer's fab Chasing Chevrons quiltalong).


I signed up for Rachel's Curves Class, which starts the first of Febuary. I'll miss the first few days, but I'm sure I can catch up in good time.

Here's something random - did you know there are scorpions in France? I didn't, but now that I've found a few around the house (none bigger than my thumb) I guess I have to. This fella was trying to back out through one of our downlights when he must've got stuck and then (ahem) fried. He's been there for ages because I'm too scared to unscrew it and find the whole family. Sounds like a job for the mister to me.

Crispy critter.

Have a wonderful week folks. I hope to be back in early Feb with lots of snowy photos to show you!

And happy Australia Day! Mwwwwa. (that's supposed to be a kissy sound)


Nicola said...

Grosses bises for Australia Day! Hope it's a good one :) As for the scorpion, just gross! I wouldn't even go near it to photograph it - hopefully they only hang out in the south!!

**Anne** said...

Kirsty, HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to you. In Melbourne it is sunny and warm, going to be a glorious day.
Have fun skiing. How do you do it with four kids and then have time to sew too?!! Looking forward to those snow photos.
Anne xx

Marg said...

A croissant???????? hmmm
Love your HST's.
Have fun skiing.

Virginia said...

So much to see and comment on. I think you are a very creative soul. I want to see the quilt when done and DON'T want to see M. Scorpion!

Virginia said...

So much to see and comment on. I think you are a very creative soul. I want to see the quilt when done and DON'T want to see M. Scorpion!

Susan said...

Mwwwwaaa!!! Your embroidery is looking fabulous! And what's not to love about HSTs! Have a great Australia Day too, and a fabulous holiday! Cross country skiing sounds wonderful!

Miriam said...

Happy Australia Day, Kirsty!!

Love your embroidery.

Enjoy the snow.

Debbie said...

Love your chevrons! Happy Australia Day!

Betty said...

Hugs and kisses for you and all Ozzies anywhere!
Good idea: I just joined the Curves Class as well; I love nearly everything Rachels does/makes.
Hate scorpions or other creepy crawlies!
Certainly a job for the Mister!

Chris, Jack of All Trades Crafter said...

The quilt looks great so far, can't wait to see the finished product!

Eva said...

Mmmwa! Vegemite, I love it! One former flatmate of mine came back from her exchange year in Australia with a jar of Vegemite. I think it's better than Marmite, but don't tell the Brits ... ;-)

That scorpion looks scary, a bit disgusting and funny all at the same time! And yes, I agree, it's a job for the Mister!

Your chevrons look amazing, I love your colour choices!

Have fun in the Alps and stitching!

michelle said...

Happy Australia Day Kirsty. And happy skiing. Lucky you. I am looking forward to the upcoming season as I missed out last year. Your stitches (hand & quilt) look fab. Hope you have a great holiday. ♥mxx
PS crispy scorpion, could be a new snack sensation. mmmmmm

AL said...

Belated Happy Australia Day...what better than croissants with Aussie flags to set the scene...and with vegemite no less. Good on ya Kirsty! Happy and safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Happy Australia day! We had a lovely day, friends and a barbie! Scorpions - yikes - thats a bit scary, and people say Australia is bad for creepies with it's snakes - ha! xxBrenda

Sara Louise said...

Happy Australia Day! (but late than never I say)
And have a great time skiing :-) x

Aidan said...

happy belated australia day to my favorite aussies! i meant to say something yesterday but it kept getting away from me.
i hope you enjoyed your croissant and vegemite.
aidan xo

blandina said...

I love the embroidery: SUPER!

Veronica said...

Croissant with Vegemite? Hmm... That combination has never crossed my mind before. Might give it a try someday.

Beautiful embroidery and HSTs.

I find scorpions fascinating but only when they're on television/Discovery channel. Not so much in real life, however. :P Shudder!


cribs for twins said...

So much to see and comment on. I think you are a very creative soul. I want to see the quilt when done and DON'T want to see M. Scorpion!

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