Monday, May 31, 2010

Le Premier Billet

Spring - a great time for new projects. And I need a new project - what with raising a family, learning French, trying to become a proficient sewer and attempting to get back into running after baby no. 3 - I have so* much time to fill. Why not start a blog?

I am a very lucky Australian living in southern France for a few years with the mister and our entertaining children. This blog is where I'll keep a record of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, namely:
  • travel
  • sewing/craft projects
  • things about life in France that float my boat
I'm also anticipating some side benefits to blogging . Hopefully it will teach me to take notice of and appreciate everything going on around me (sometimes difficult to do from inside the cyclone). A bit of motivation to get on and finish some sewing projects taking up valuable flat surface area would also be nice, not to mention an incentive to improve my photography skills. Oh, and if I can keep track of the links to all the sites and shops I can't live without, that would also be great. Thanks.

* I heart sarcasm


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