Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dreamy Dentelle at Tendances Créatives, Marseille

Two and a half weeks ago there was a half foot of snow in our yard. Today it's 21℃ (70℉).

I'm as confused as my daffodils but I like where we're heading...dare I say the word 'Spring'?


Here are a few more photos from the Tendances Créatives Craft Fair I visited last weekend.


One of the exposants was Marie-Thérèse Bonniol, who makes all manner of woven artworks, including lace.


She uses any kind of material you can imagine from your standard sewing machine thread to hemp, silk, wire, cotton, plastic coated wire (like you'd find out the back of your stereo) and even the cord used to light fireworks.


Here we have glass as well as copper wire accents:


I loved this one, made from cotton (I have a thing for green lately):


A letter on glass this time:


I didn't have the heart to tell Marie-Thérèse that this teapot probably wouldn't work:


Marie-Thérèse also experiments with salt water. She suspends lace for two days in super-saturated salty water (found in salt farm ponds) and they emerge covered in diamond-like crystals like this:


As well as all this innovative work, Marie-Thérèse also makes beautiful lace in the more traditional style:


It was amazing to watch her work the bobbins - she's so fast! She claims it's relatively straight-forward, just follow the pattern, but wow it looked complicated to me.


We spoke briefly about the future of the craft - were people still learning these skills? She said she felt that commercially there was less handmade lace being produced but as far as being pursued as a hobby the craft was still quite popular. Phew, because this stuff is gorgeous.


You can find Marie-Thérèse's website here.

It's Friday again and I'm looking forward to catching up with some bloggy friends tomorrow in Aix.

I'm also under the pump, trying to get something finished in time for the Tangerine Tango Quilt Challenge - (more info on that here at Ali's blog, a.squared.w), but it's touch and go!


Wish me luck. And have a great weekend!


Pene said...

When I see work like that it makes me feel so inadequate!
Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing the temp we're lucky if it gets that hot in summer!

Poppyprint said...

Luck! How can you go wrong with 21C at the end of Feb! I'll be bringing a summer skirt, that's for sure. I hope your tangerine quilt goes together because those prints are all divine.

I can hardly even think of what to say about that lace. Holy.

Katy Cameron said...

Wow, those creations are fantastic!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

The lace is amazing! I have watched the process and find the movements an art to themselves. I learned to tat as a child but this seems infinitely more difficult.

I can't wait to see the yummy orange assembled! Joyeaux anniversaire en retard!


Jennifer said...

It was 85F yesterday and today it's 55F. Crazy weather.

What a cool craft fair! Definitely not the country-kitchen-duck-pigs-and-popsicle sticks- kind of craft fairs like I've been to around here... ;)

Can't wait to see what your tangerine squares become!

Jennifer :)

Susan said...

Ah you reminded me of the lace makers in Brugges, Belguim. I first saw them when I was there .... years ago! (You were just a little girl!) The lace is beautiful and I love that teapot! You are very bravery saying the word "Spring"!! I hope that was premature!!! (BTW 38 in Melbourne today, with a hot northerly! Ugh!)

Miriam said...

Wow!!! I wish there were enough hours in the day to learn another craft!! I looooove the look of bobbin lace!

Enjoy the 21 degrees! Another hot one here today...expecting 38 again!!!

Have fun in Aix and good luck with the tangerine!

C. R. Spooner said...

What fascinating intricacies! Beautiful color and inspiration. Thank you.

Eva said...

Beautiful lace and it is so great to see such modern interpretations of such a traditional craft! There was just an article in the newspaper here that slow and traditional crafts like making lace and spinning your own yarn are experiencing a surge in popularity right now.

Good luck for the tangerine project! I love your fabrics! Have a great weekend!!

Katie said...

Thanks so much for posting pictures of this lace! My mom has made bobbin lace for years. I'm sending her the link right now so she can see how someone is adding their own bit of personality to their lace :) Thanks!

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