Saturday, March 5, 2011

Birthday Fabric and other Shenanigans

Thanks for the coffee mat and cushion love in my last post. I wish my house looked like that all the time, but with three kids photos involve moving much crap from one side of the room to the other and judicious post-processing cropping!

Another week of school holidays is coming to an end, kids back at school Monday. We have been keeping busy with tea parties.


And I've been busy sewing a back for my daughter's quilt and then basting it.


We've also had some fun with the gas company. They left a little note in our mail box one morning this week saying we had 48 hours to pay our bill or the gas would be cut off.

'Oh my stars*,' I said, as our bill had already been paid. After some ringing around it was determined that our bill had indeed been paid, much to my relief. At 4 o'clock that afternoon, they cut off our gas.

'Oh those cheeky bears* have cut our gas less than 8 hours after giving notice,' I said, 'even though we have paid our bill.' Some more ringing around ascertained that indeed the gas company knew the bill was paid and they'd cut the gas in error. They would send someone out in the morning to turn it back on.

No heating and no hot water for the night? In winter and after all three kids had had haircuts that morning (and needed a bath)? I think you can do better than that gas company.

The gas company said they could send someone out now to turn the gas on, the same gas they had cut off for no reason, however we would be charged an after-hours call out fee. 'Fiddlesticks*,' I said, 'send the fellow* out.'

Once the gas was reinstated at 7pm, the gas man could not get our heating unit to start again. After 15 mins he sheepishly admitted that cutting the gas had probably put air in the lines and caused a problem. If the unit didn't start tonight we would need to call out our heating repairman and have it seen to. This would cost us about 70€ ($100). You can probably imagine what I was thinking.

There was a happy ending. The heating unit did start after I messed around with it for a few minutes, and luckily the mister's work has a special 'Have You Been Done Over by French Bureaucracy' fund which paid for the call out fee. But I must say, I was astounded by what they think they can, and obviously do, get away with in terms of customer service. The French should really rise and revolt against that.

* I may or may not have used words somewhat stronger than these.

And on to some good bureaucratic news: France Post came through with two big and one little self-bought birthday parcels for me. Yay for birthday money (thanks Mum and Dad!)

Here are some gratuitous fabric shots:

What I'd really been coveting: Robert Kaufman's Metro Living. Still missing orange though. 

Some fun spring-ish colours, varying lines

Great neutrals and awesome dots. I accidentally ordered 1.5 yards of the herringbone, lucky it's so useful.

My pick of Patty Young's Sanctuary line.

Some local linen, which was proving elusive (finally found some, Diana!)

And lastly, I bought a Chrysalis charm pack and some yardage for backing/binding.


Now, I need your honest opinions.  I had originally looked at the butterflies and flowers and thought this would make a girl quilt. However, now that I have it in my hands and I see all the colours (chocolate brown, orange, dusty blue, olive green) I am thinking boy, if teamed with 'boy' solids.

What do you guys think - would this make a boy or a girl's quilt? Would you find it too weird to have butterflies on your little boy's baby mat? The whole line can be seen here at this Fabricworm link (where I bought my two yardage pieces), just click on the pic for a larger view.

Thanks for your input, you're all just so darned clever. Have a great weekend!

P.S. All fabric found at Fabricworm and Hawthorne Threads; charm pack from CottonThreadFabrics on Etsy.


Christine said...

No Way!! Those *rascals*! I would have used much stronger language too. This is why power companies have a monopoly on their areas....they get to screw the people and there is nothing anyone can do.....
nice fabrics! those will be fun

Maaike said...

Oh what a story about the gas... I am happy for you it is over now!
I think those abstract butterflies can work for little boys. The colors are indeed for both girls and boys to my eyes.
Have a great weekend,
love Maaike

Eva said...

?!#*&%%%?! WHAT?! I'm sorry, if it weren't so infuriating the gas story would almost be funny, as in some kind of comedy show about how absurd life can be ... The nerve! I can imagine that fiddlesticks really wasn't the first word on your lips ... Luckily it all turned out well!

I agree with Maaike on the Crysalis. The patterns are so abstract that they really work for boys or girls when paired with the right solids, I think. Especially since you use those small charms. And your backing/binding fabrics are gender neutral as well. And boys can become entomologists, too, can't they? ;-)

I love your fabric purchases! A lot of great versatile patterns! It's funny, there are a couple of the same fabrics in my stash.

And that quilt for your daughter is going to be beautiful!!

Susan said...

Those French *#%!)*^% !!!! (Can you really swear in French!!?)
Love all your new fabrics, and that last group would make a great boy quilt!

Ann Marie said...

I bet I know what you said, and in French too!

As for the boy quilt, I think it's fine. I made a quilt for my sister-in-law's baby when I didn't know the sex. It was a navy batik background with hand-dyed stars in green, peach, pink, blue, etc. I worried a bit about the pink in case it was a boy. (But not about the blue had it been a girl. Hmmmm.)

Anyway, turned out to be a boy. And YEARS later that kid is still using the quilt. I was quite surprised and kept myself from blurting out, "But one of those stars is pink. PINK! Don't your friends tease you?"

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Unbelievable story! Just so rude. Now moving along I do adore that pretty pink quilt. It's looking so perfect, I'm sure it will be a favourite for many years. And what's wrong with butterflies on a boys quilt?? They are just nature and I bet that tiny little boy will love chasing them in a couple of years. It will be perfect for a baby.

magpie chic said...

Gosh and Fiddlesticks indeed! French bueracracy has a certain charm all of it's own it would seem. At least the man had the good grace to be sheepish!
That would make a fab boy's quilt. No question. But I'd be too overcome with girl germs to actually go there!!!! Looking forward to see what happens.

midge said...

oh my kirsty i do love popping in to your place. it's great to see miss molly and cowie having so much tea party fun. i'm glad the sad gas story ended well, i would have been wondering what the dickens* i had done to deserve such shabby treatment. your fabric porn was a treat. i have serious stash envy. i think equally boy/girl. they are so lovely they just say baby. and finally your daughters quilt is to die for. i adore it. have a great weekend

Pinky said...

he he he :) I would CERTAINLY have used stronger language!

I think the fabric could easily be a boys quilt. especially with the addition of more chocolate brown :)

Travel With Lulu said...

Wow, these fabrics are beautiful. I made and sold girl dresses for 4 years - I love textiles, ribbon, pompoms. FabricWorm is great - have you seen Harts Fabrics too - dreamy... XOL

diana said...

Oh, dear! I only wish I'll have that crapy customer service here 20 years from now. :)))
Not really laughing here, actually.

So, wanna come a little to the east?

Oh, wait, I have a better ideea. Would you fancy some guests? You know, really sweet ones, the kind that never leave? :))))))) ever :))))

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