Sunday, March 20, 2011



The camera and lens are okay; had to pay for a new filter, but small change compared to the alternative.


A beautiful spring day in Provence.


Enjoying the garden


While eating baguette


And drinking some rosé


Later, I will do some hand sewing


And contemplate what to do with this gorgeous French fabric I found at market the other day (after dropping off the camera).


Hope you are having a wonderful weekend too!


annieb said...

Oh, be still my heart! That fabric is stunning!

diana said...

I am so curious about what you'll do with innocent crush. I think it's one of the very few new and popular collections that I just can't enjoy. Hope you'll make me a nice surprise :)))

P.S. I am very glad your lens are ok

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Oh my goodness, that fabric is the prettiest I've seen for ages!! You always said French fabric wasn't really you. I think you are holding back on us! What will you make with it? I can see a pretty skirt for you.

Enjoy your handsewing. I love doing the binding stage. Another quilt nearly finished - way to go!!

Susan said...

I agree with Sarah...that is THE prettiest fabric I have seen for a long time... and I look at a lot of fabric!!! Is there any info on the selvedge?
Your garden must be beautiful too. Yum baguettes and Rose in Provence...sounds dreamy!

Marg said...

You know just how to make me insanely jealous!
How do you fit in all that sewing whilst looking after children, and enjoying the benefits (rose, baguettes, interesting gynecological visits) of living in France?
The Innocent Crush is looking great, and I love the French fabric, it is so very pretty, gorgeous colours.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! I wanted to plunk myself down right there and inhale the scent of sunshine and new spring flowers... Bien sur with a petit ver de rose!! Bon dimanche,

Eva said...

Have a great Sunday! It all looks and sounds great! That fabric is really pretty, beautiful colours.

Betty said...

I love the way you take us all through the process of choosing what is right for the quilt and especially: what YOU think is right. Never mind what somebody else would think. It's your creation!
And it looks great!
(even though I don't like lilac) >>>>>> It looks great!!

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Thanks Betty! Lilac isn't my strong suit either, but I figured I should still give it a try.

Oneika said...

Gorgeous pics!! I found your blog via Tanya and am looking forward to reading more!

michelle said...

thank you for taking me on a little visit through the lens of your (newly filtered) camera. you do it so well. beautiful images. i love the new fabric. it sounds like a perfect weekend, i hope you enjoyed it

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