Monday, March 28, 2011

When we went to Aidan's house.

Aidan and I 'met' through blogging, and then really met at the Blogapalooza she organised last month.

With the expat experience and our like-aged children, Aidan and I have a lot in common. After Blogapalooza we got our families together over morning tea at my house; and this time Aidan and her mari kindly invited us for lunch.


Now, I love to eat. If you know Aidan's blog, you'll know she likes to cook. Very scrummy looking food too. We were obviously meant to be friends.


Saturday, we loaded the family into the car and headed off to Montpellier, to Aidan's house.


I looooove Aidan's house. It's comfortable and classy and so French. It also came with some awesome chandeliers.


And fittings.


Plus Aidan's lovely things.


And check out this wallpaper in the loo. Yes, I took photos of her bathroom, I am shameless. I also think I may have disturbed her eldest (Mommy, why is that lady taking photos of our house?)


Forgetting my traumatising of Aidan's children for a moment, let me just say that France put on her finest weather for us that day. It was beautifully warm and the sun reminded us all of how fantastic spring and summer in southern France really is (you kind of forget after 5 months of cold weather.)

We sat on the sun-bathed terrace overlooking terracotta roof tops and evergreens, sipping beer and rosé.


And lunch, well Aidan didn't let us down (or the mari with his BBQ skills). It was a Cuban affair, with marinated BBQ pork, rice, beans and guacamole and salsa made from scratch. Heaven.


After scarfing down seconds I really regretted not wearing my maternity jeans. I could've just expanded gracefully without anyone knowing instead of having to undo my buttons.

To try and encourage digestion (had to make room for dessert) I took a trip around the garden, which was also loving the spring weather.

Aidan's youngest was my little garden guide.

Aidan and her mari entertaining the mister while I skulked around the garden.

The kids had a ball together, we barely saw them the whole day.

Please note this pitchfork had nothing to do with that. 

Aidan and family, thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality (and my very own can of chipotle peppers). We will have to do it again soon!



diana said...

Oh, my! This time the good one.

Ok, you know what? I don't like to eat. It's fine if you don't like to cook, I won't eat while at your house. But maybe once a week we can go visit Aidan? :D

Now I goota go check Aidan's blog and see how I can convince her to invite us over her place while you're theoreticly visiting you :))))

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

I'm sure between the two of us we can come up with a good excuse to go to Aidan's every week for feeding. And seriously, with the amount I ate, I could probably go a week between meals!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Seriously envious! What beauty! Thanks for sharing the pics.!

Aidan said...

I've never seen my house and garden that way before! It's all down to you and your eye. I have to say my fave is of the Baby's shoes.
We had just as lovely of a day with you and your family. And you're welcome here anytime! My kids are trying on the Australian accent now.


Marg said...

That looks wonderful, it sounds like it was the perfect day. Love your pics and Aidan's house. Gorgeous!

Christine said...

oh, that looks so nice! and the food sounds delish. I know some people in Montpellier, I hope that you will wave to them for me next time you go ;-)

Connie said...

Lucky Duck!!!

Cat said...

Your photos are simply divine and I'm left wondering what your eye and camera would capture at my home.
Aidan does yellow and orange so well . . .
And Aidan the food looks AMAZING!

Linds said...

The photos of the flowers in the garden are beautiful! The colors and lines pop off my screen. How fun you guys got to enjoy an afternoon together!

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

What a beautiful house! I would be horrified if you arrived here with a camera. Honestly you'd be hard pressed to find something not covered in dust!! Oh and cute little shoes too.

Amy said...

oh thank you for sharing your wonderful day. Not only to be in lovely France but to share it with a new friend. How heavenly!

Eva said...

I'm so jealous! I want to be able to eat outside as well! And see flowers bloom!!! Well, you deserve it ... I guess ... ;-)

michelle said...

thank you for another little photographs journey. you are so talented. what a beautiful house and i absolutely agree with aidan my favourite pic is the one of the babies feet

Anonymous said...

Wow... Aidan's house looks lovely! Great photograhy. Please can you come and do the same at my house. Thank you for sharing your lovely day with us.

Tanya said...

Gorgeous photos Kirsty. It looks like you had a fabulous day. Thank you for sharing!

B said...

Kirtsy these photos are beautiful - I too love the one of the Baby's shoes - frame worthy!

What a lovely lunch - jealous of the food and the company!


B said...

Sorry - *Kirsty

Too tired to type properly = spelling FAIL.

Sam Mooney said...

The baby shoes - absolutely adorable. Thanks.

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