Thursday, March 10, 2011

Show and Tell: Windmill Quilt

Firstly: Thanks to Keith for giving me the highly coveted Blog of the Week Award over on A Taste of Garlic. I'm pretty sure it was my Roman lingerie shot that put me over the edge. I will enjoy basking in the Award's glow all week as after that there's no where to go but down.

I finally finished binding this quilt before we headed off on our recent ski trip.


This quilt is for my eldest and is the third quilt I'd ever made. For some reason I got up to the binding and then put it on the shelf, where it lay languishing for almost a year.


The fabrics are all by David Walker for Free Spirit.


There are a few mistakes in it but none of them affect the quilt functioning as a quilt. In fact they show me how far my quilting skills have come, which is nice to know (no laurel-resting though, still a long way to go).

These windmills join quite nicely, as they are supposed to.

There are a few like this though - what on earth was I thinking about when I sewed these two together? 

Oh, that'd explain it. Carry on. (source: Vanity Fair Italy)

My 6 year old loves the quilt and it has pride-of-place on his bed, which is all that matters. I know my years of having children who enjoy handmade things are limited, so I'm making the most of it.


Next up: finally quilted and with binding machine sewed on, this one just needs hand sewing to finish it off.



Wanda said...

Kirsty, it's beautiful. I love how the fabrics are bright and cheerful. Keep up the beautiful work.


Aidan said...

I love the eldest's quilt. It looks so good.
And Hugh? Who knew?
Those fabrics are so pretty. I wish some of that would rub off on me but I don't hold out much hope.
a x

Marg said...

Kirsty, that's such a lovely quilt and Hugh!
I love the prints and colours and I'm ignoring that wayward seam because the overall effect is fabulous.

Eva said...

I love the quilt, too! Nobody but you notices the "mistakes", I think. The fabrics are great, too, really fun and cheerful. AND: I love the stripy binding! I'm excited to see the quilt for your daughter in it's full glory when it's finished!

Where do you always find these great hunky pics! Yay for Hugh and you! :-D Guessing from your last post you wouldn't be averse to finding a nice one of Brad Cooper? For me? ;-)

blandina said...

Congratulations for your new award, you are such a talented girl!

And the quilt is beautiful, I love the combination of orange and blue...and the guy is very handsome, please continue posting nice pics like this one.

diana said...

I love love love it. Sweet, cute, modern.

An awards? You'll have a lot of them, lady, I tell you. You're just great!

Did you get a chance to think about the never leaving guests? :))))))

Sara Louise said...

I really must get a subscription to Vanity Fair Italy. DROOL.

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