Friday, March 18, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I don't know why people give me this award - I am really a dork. And Sara Louise has met me, so she should know better!

Given that it's past 8pm here and I still need to get some sewing done (it's not all gardens and gynos, you know) I'm going to do a quick and dirty 10 points - on what's been going on the last two days.

1. The mister's gone to Paris for work for a few days. Why do the kids save all their bad nightmares for the nights when Daddy's away?

2. Why do 6 yr olds wriggle so much in their sleep?

3. I put my camera on the computer desk on Tue night, well out of the toddler's reach.

4. The strap was resting on a piece of paper, also on the desk.

5. The paper was in reach of the toddler. (Can you see where this is going...)

6. The toddler pulled the piece of paper, then found the camera strap in his reach. He grabbed said strap and the camera, with my big, heavy (expensive) lens fell to the floor. To add insult to injury, I was in the same room as him at the time.

Taken with the old point-and-shoot. 

7. Tue night was spent feeling like an idiot for leaving the camera indirectly within toddler reach. Then I thought about everything going on in Japan and told myself to get some perspective. I also found out that the camera should be covered under our world wide insurance policy. Phew.

8. I took the camera to the shop this morning. The fellow said it's only the filter that shattered and also absorbed most of the shock of the fall; the lens and camera should be fine. I'll find out tomorrow when I pick it up. People - BUY A FILTER FOR YOUR EXPENSIVE LENSES - it could save you a fortune!

9. This post really isn't very funny at all, but I figure you're all laughed out after hearing about the French adventures of my cervix. Thank you all for your comments, you made my week.

10. Happy 1st wedding anniversary Sara Louise!

To show I'm not the only mother who does dumb things, here is a picture of a cow we came across in Corsica last year feeding her baby in the road, on a blind corner.


There's hope for me yet.


Marg said...

Fingers crossed that the camera survived intact.
I don't think that cow or the calf are going to last too long if she thinks that's a good place to stop!

michelle said...

ouch. i feel your pain. i lost my zoom over the holidays. i think we eft it in the hire caravan. van guy denied it but i think we should have checked bay
good luck i hope it's an easy fix

Eva said...

I'm sorry about the camera! Let's hope it really is only the filter! Don't beat yourself up! I'm so clumsy sometimes that I don't even need a toddler to break something ...

Great cow pic! One question though: so you got out of the car and joined the cow in the blind corner to take a picture? ;-) :-P

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