Wednesday, October 6, 2010

French KISS

This morning as I scoffed down my porridge in front of the computer (bad habit, both the surfing and the scoffing), I discovered my blog had been reviewed on A Taste of Garlic. Thanks Keith!

Given that my last post was about America (oh, the irony) I thought I'd better get another French-themed post up lickity-split.

Just a quick one as the kids are underfoot today (no school on Wednesdays in France), but I thought I would put up this great videoclip.

I heard this song on the radio for the first time during our first week in France. As the iconic opening played we all started bopping along and were then pleasantly surprised to find it was a French cover version.

Since living here almost a year and watching a lot more French video clips, I've now realised that most (maybe all?) of the people in the clip are actually French popstars.

C'est cool, non?


Unknown said...

Great song, Kirsty. I've been hearing it everywhere.

I did notice that there was a slight absence of the greatest of all popstars (French or otherwise).... the one and only Johnny Hallyday!

aidan said...

Thanks again to Keith for helping me find another good blog.
I have no idea about French pop stars but their choice of 80s bad American music is funny.
Lovely to see you,

Anonymous said...

I adore all the enfoires dvds - I think Johnny appeared in the early days.


Eli said...

thought I ought to expand on my earlier post! My favs in the shows are Garou (seeing him live again in November!) the Patricks (just back from seeing Bruel in a play in Paris) Christophe Mae and of course the 'boss' JJG (Jean-Jaques Goldman).

Never managed to get to the live shows - people queue for days before to get to the front!

Enjoying reading your blog - so thanks to Keith for pointing me in your direction


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