Friday, October 22, 2010

A Process Post.

Process posts in quilting blogland were all the rage a month or so ago and I love them. It's so interesting to see where everyone gets their ideas and how a final creation comes together. So here's my version.

1. I need to make another quilted baby mat for a little boy.
2. I read too many home decorating magazines.
3. I <3 IKEA.

These three coalesced the other day when I saw this picture:


And then this in IKEA:


I loved the bold colours in this doona/duvet/eiderdown (whatever you call it) cover and pillowslip set.


Lots of matching material in nicely sized squares ready to be hacked to pieces and sewed back together again.


Quilting does seem a little silly when you think of it this way, so I prefer to think of my re-sewing as value-adding.


So the bathroom photo was translated into a design chart (I inverted the blues and the greens as I had more of the later):

(sorry about this pic, I should have upped the contrast but I'm too lazy to go back and do it)

I cut out a hellofalotta squares and started laying it out.


Then I tweaked it a bit, moving a few squares here and there.

Hmm, I'm not so sure about this.

So, to the kitchen for cuppa and a think.

1. What is it that I love about the original inspiration photo?
2. I love the subtle graduations in colour between the turquoises and aquas.
3. I also love the use of larger squares to frame the smaller, more mosaic-like squares.
4. Why is it so quiet?
5. Where is that kid - you know the one, small, no hair. Other two children shrug around their mid-morning snacks.
6.  Crap, did I remember to shut the study door?

No. No, I did not.


I really wasn't upset because I already knew I wouldn't be making that quilt (plus the little guy was having such a great time it was impossible not to laugh).

The big kids were mortified, having followed the process all morning. My son was especially enamoured with the 'quilt map'. I think he's going to be an engineer (bless him).

While I fed the baby they picked up all the squares and put them into separate piles for me. Yay, kisses all round.


Later, that night, I tried some other layouts. I knew that I really wanted to explore the colour-graduation thing. And that some white was needed.

Simple, structured, sexy.

Mixing it up with some half squares as well.

Or maybe lose the grid and go for lines instead.

The inverse. I love me some negative space.

These are just small mock-ups to get an idea of how the pattern would look - the finished quilt will be larger. I used one inch paper strips to make the borders (much quicker to lay out and move around than fabric).

I still plan to make my original design, but using a more subtle colour range as per the original inspiration.

But for the redesigns, I think I'm going to go with the first one. Which do you prefer?


Liesl said...

I really enjoyed looking at the process - especially the reverse engineering that your small assistant helped with!

I really like the first of the redesigns too. Beautiful!

Anne D said...

I think the first one too. This is the first time I have been to your blog and I love it!
It is great that even the baby is involved with your quilting.

Unknown said...

You are so creative!!! Each one is so fun, but I also like the first.
I came over via Karen's blog, Sew Many Ways and she sure steered me right...great blog, I'll be back!

Susan said...

Wow! You have been having a fun time with those yummy colors! I agre, the first option is my favorite!

Lauren said...

I live in far North Queensland and have just discovered your wonderful blog. Your writing is both entertaining (love your irreverent sense of humour)and informative, and your photos are gorgeous. I have always loved all things French and made a couple of quick visits there in my younger days (some 30 years ago!). Will definitely be adding you to my favoutites. Oh, love your craft as well.

Wanda said...

Wow! I was at Sew Many Ways blog and saw some of your photos and had to come by and see. What did I find...a new quilt in the works. I will be joining your blog and following along with you.

I love your ideas and think they are all grand but was wondering if maybe a 3rd shade (lighter) of the 2 colors might bring the quilt top closer to what you see in the photo?! Any one you pick will be great.

Thank you for such beautiful pictures.

Wanda (in North Carolina, USA)

Michelle said...

I love process posts! Thanks for showing all your initial ideas about this quilt. I still have a hard time seeing the possibilities & I've been quilting for 10 years! I love that you cut apart a duvet from Ikea! I would have never thought of that, and I LOVE Ikea too!

I loved you paper lantern also! I found your blog from Sew Many Ways and what drew me in the most were your great pictures! They're so lovely, clear and bright!

Jansie said...

Hi, new follower. :) I love the first one as well. Really beautiful. And I love that you found inspiration from an Ikea catalog. That's awesome.

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Hello to all the visitors from Karen's Sew Many Ways - welcome! Most of you I've emailed, but to Lauren (who I can't - would you like to enable email replies?) I say hello. I love FNQ, lived in NFNQ (not so Far Nth Qld, aka Townsville) for a while, it's a lovely part of the world!

Christine said...

Hi Kirsty, thanks for your visit! I like the design that the baby "redesigned". I also like the white border with the half squares. I love that you do this, I just don't have the patience for quilts....I am your newest follower, I hope you follow me too!

annieb said...

I too came over from Sew Many Ways, and have added your blog to my Google Reader list. I love your little helper- I remember those days when nothing could be left out and doors had to be closed, or the whole design floor would be pulled up! Now the dog likes to lay on anything fabricy the minute it gets laid onto the floor.

Nancy said...

I'm so excited to find your blog. I'm planning a trip to Provence next summer and will love following all your comments. Thank you so much. I love everything French!

diana said...

Great minds ... :) I bought the same thing from Ikea, plus the red one (and the beige is on my bed right now), and conmbined both of them for a really colorfull quilt.

I love the one with a lot of white (always loved a lot of white)

magpie chic said...

I just soo loved the bit where the baby trashes the whole thing!!! You tell it so beautifully. You are way too spatial and you completely lost me with the process thing after i saw that baby, so i have no idea which redesign I like, but i LOVE that baby LOL!

Anonymous said...
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Cat said...

I just love your blog :) I found my way here via Magpie Chic a fellow NZ'er.

I smiled at

4. Why is it so quiet?
5. Where is that kid - you know the one, small, no hair. Other two children shrug around their mid-morning snacks.
6. Crap, did I remember to shut the study door?

I too have a child like that - I call her Tsunami for short.

I'll be back
Cat xxx

Belinda Saville said...

Kirsty, I really enjoyed watching your creative process...and I have to agree with you on re-design no. 1. It's the standout for me! I can't wait to see the finished quilt :-)

I had a browse through the rest of your blog...what a delight! You are one lucky Aussie gal being able to spend a few glorious years in Southern France. Enjoy every moment (I know you will!) -xo-

colesworth said...

"Lots of matching material in nicely sized squares ready to be hacked to pieces and sewed back together again.".
I know what you mean! I sewed an baby quilt from ikea striped curtains:

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