Sunday, October 10, 2010

To the traveller go the spoils.

Before I took my short trip to the US from France I did some shopping at some of my favourite online fabric stores:

Hawthorn Threads
Cotton Thread Fabrics
Fresh Squeezed Fabrics, and

Quilting fabrics cost around €4-5 here in France. That's for 25 centimetres.

So €16-20/metre.

Or US$20-25/yard.

Even with US$12-13 for international postage to France, I come out in front. Even better with domestic postage to my sister's house. So I had four fat packages waiting for me upon arrival. Happy days.

I bought myself some staples. No not those sort of staples, these ones:

Kona solids in (from top) Ash, Natural, Snow and White. 

And I went a bit crazy with the greens:


These are going to be a cushion cover I think:

Monaluna for Birch Fabrics Circa 50

These too:

Cosmo Cricket Early Bird (with Robert Kaufman Quilter's Linen in taupe [centre])

This is going to be for my favourite little gal:


And this is just for fun:

Holiday Happy Santa Softies by Monica for Lecien. Snip, sew, stuff, shazam!

And these were for no other reason than they look real purty and I wanted them:

Actually, that's not completely true. See the light blue floral print third from the right? That's going to be a new lampshade cover. It's Lecien Isso Ecco & Heart's Dancing Dandelion (of course). 

And I got it all home with a few kilos to spare. 


Selina said...


Loving those Santa softies, might have to go searching for that. Prices are like that here too (as you would know) so yeh, even with the postage, it still comes out cheaper. Our duty on fabric is just too high, no wonder little quilt shops are becoming a thing of the past.

Eli said...

if you want to order anything from the UK and save on postage let me know.

Haven't quilted since I was in college (1997-1980!)

Am guessing French prices expensive (unless you can go to the shops near Sacre Coeur).

Currently back into knitting and today bought stuff to make Christmas cards

Eva said...

So many pretty fabrics, love them all! :-) Great spoils and staples! :-)

islandgirl4ever2 said...

Ohhhh ooooo! What FUN prints! I love them all... What a talent to be able to sew! I have gone through fabric stores many times in Cali looking for fabrics for Halloween costumes and there is soo much to choose from.. Can't wait to see your finished products..
Have fun!

Sara Louise said...

I love the Happy Santa. Hope you show us the finished products :-)

diana said...

Just beacuse you love getting comments :) I wanna say I tottaly understand your need to buy fabrics from US. I cannot understand, for the sake of God, why prices for fabrics in Europe ar so high. You got yourself a lovely stash, can't wait to see something nice coming up.

Lilbitbrit said...

I love the fabrics you found.

We are so spoilt for fabrics in the States, I just can't come up with enough excuses to keep buying it.

Lil Bit Brit

Wendy said...

You should buy your fabrics online from the UK, they will post to France and the postage will be a lot less than from the US, we generally have the same fabrics available and at the same sort of price you pay in the US. If you need recommendations of on-line shops, let me know.

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