Friday, October 8, 2010

You lost me at No Reply Comment...

Thanks to the wonderful Keith at A Taste of Garlic, I've had the most comments on my blog evah (which given it's only 5 months old isn't saying much, but hey I'm excited).

And I emailed replies to every one of them. What's that? You didn't get yours? Hmm.

Did you know that when you comment, blogger sends your comment to me in an email? It's ace*!

It's ace because I can rest assured I won't miss any comments (particularly on older posts which I don't check anymore), and I get to enjoy them in the comfort of my own inbox.

AND I can just hit reply and say something back to you, which is even acer**!

Unless you haven't set your blogger profile up to allow replies to your comments.  In these cases your emailed comment says "no reply-comment", and tiny part of me dies. *sniff*

But there is an easy solution to this - just change your profile to allowed the person on who's blog you've commented to reply to you by email.

How do you do this? Easy-peasy. Just:

1. Go to your blogger dashboard
2. Click on 'Edit Profile'
3. There's an orange header that says 'Privacy'
     In this section check the 'show my email address' box
4. Make sure there actually is an email address in the 'Identity' section a bit further down
5. Scroll down even further and make sure you click 'save changes' otherwise they won't be!

I have an email address with the word 'bonjour' in it which I set up for use with my blog.

I also set my 'display name', in the 'Identity' section, to show Kirsty@Bonjour. This hopefully helps people relate my comments (and emails) to me/this blog.

Setting up another email address is also good for those who feel a bit squeamish about using their personal email out in the www. There are a lot of fruitloops out there, I hear.

So please, update your profile. If you posted in the last few days and haven't received an email from me, this means you!

Many thanks to Karen at Sew Many Ways, who took time out to explain this to me when I first started this blog.

A picture I took in Bonifacio, Corsica, earlier this year that has absolutely nothing to do with this post. 

* 1980s Australian slang for totally awesome
** Totally awesomer.


Fiona said...

Thank you for that advice! Done it, email address now available. I did what I said I would, and went out and bought fabric to make a quilt! Will try to put it on my blog over the weekend, in the absence of anything actually happening about our move to France.

Eva said...

Ooops! Ok, things are set in order here, too! :-)

Marilyn said...


I like your blog. Good work you're doing on it.
And bonjour from Paree. (I discovered you on Keith's A Taste of Garlic.

magpie chic said...

That was totally awesomer of you to furnish us with all the details. I'm going to check my settings now. Found your blog via Selina's vintage. In New Zealand we have O for orsome!!! Really happened on the Kiwi version of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. It's now indelably written into our cultural archives!

Ele said...

Thank you for this Kirsty!

I love the bonus photo of Bonifacio! Corsica is beautiful!

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