Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The U S of A

My quick trip to the US didn't start on the best foot - delays due to a workers' strike at Marseille airport made me miss my flight from Paris to Dulles.

So I spent the time waiting for the next flight at Charles de Gaulle airport looking at lovely things I couldn't afford:


And enjoyed a wine under the fancy ceiling:


But I got there eventually and most importantly spent quality time with my little sister, her husband and their brand new baby boy.


I think he liked his gift. He was certainly comfortable enough on it.


My brother-in-law pulled babysitting duty over the weekend so the girls could go shopping and get pedicures (of course) and visit the Eastern markets. The days when my brother-in-law worked we hung around home, reading and gossiping in between baby Q&A sessions. With only one baby between the 2 or 3 of us, I found the trip to be incredibly relaxing (but then again, I wasn't doing the night feeds!)

Speaking of feeds. Of food. I have to mention how well we ate the whole time I was there. My brother-in-law could put Iron Chef in a pinky hold with his cooking skills. We had pork, we had lamb, we had a champagne brunch with eggs benedictine (or should that be florendict? All I know is there was bacon AND spinach, just as nature intended.)

And the desserts. Mon Dieu, the desserts.

Behold the chocolate soufflé  with berries.


Marvel at the crème caramel.


Ruminate on the fact that he made double batches so I got to eat each dessert twice. Plus the cheesecake they brought back from the restaurant for me (I had to babysit to earn my desserts).  I'm still amazed I didn't have to buy a double seat to get back home.


Plus the man brings home flowers. Definitely a keeper.

What else did I love about my stay? Well, I loooooved this mirror my sister had on the wall in the guest bedroom.


And I loved the nursery that my sis put together.


In the nursery I found a friend from my brother-in-law's childhood.


Isn't he natty? He was very obliging and happily posed for me. Love the tail.


As soon as I saw him I thought of you, Eva! I bet this old monkey would have some tales to tell Herman.


I have some more pictures from the week, but they can wait for another day.

The trip home was uneventful compared to the trip out. I don't get away often but I think it's important (and healthy) for mums to have some time away - it makes everyone appreciate everyone else again. I certainly appreciated seeing my lovely little family again, not to mention coming home to a tidy house, fresh flowers and some lovely handmade letters (the mister's a keeper too).


I missed you too, sweetie.


islandgirl4ever2 said...

Love your pics!!! Hopping over from Keith's blog this morning to check out your blog!
Very nice!

Have a great rest of the week...

Fiona said...

Followed the link from 'A Taste of Garlic' too. Love the pics and quilts- I'm definitely going out to get everything I need to start one today!

Eva said...

Aaaaah! You should see my smile now! Big! Such a lovely Mr Monkey!!! :-) :-) I'm glad you had such a nice trip!

Sara Louise said...

Oh I how I love shopping in the airport! Sometimes I think I spend more money there than on my holiday (probably because I don't have any money left!)

Popped over from A Taste of Garlic :-)

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