Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A ramble through my Provence neighbourhood

After my talk of strikes yesterday, turns out my daughter's maternelle school is closed for the day. Yep, on strike!

A photo-heavy post today as I record something we love to do in our little neighbourhood - just walk around. I got up early the other weekend and headed off alone with my camera, it was a great morning.

This is the first view I come to, about 200m up the road. I love it.


After a 500m stroll through a pine forest, I pop out at our local vineyard, which I have shown you before. 


You can just see the colours starting to turn.


A few of the rows had obviously been machine harvested.


But some of the rows had dried out fruit, what I would have thought was ruined.

And still others had this. So I'm not sure what the owners are up to.


From the vineyard I head down this track and then up the road to the old part of the village.


Along the way I find festive hedges:

Lovely cottages:



An abandoned building:


I love the little peek of autumn coming in through the roof:


The old church stands on top of the hill:


I think these ruins are from an older part of the church:


Can you see all the bulbs down there? I thought it was too early for these, I'm obviously wrong. 


I head down the hill, past my son's primary school:


I arrive in town, delighted to realise the market is on. The market is on every Saturday, I don't know why I forgot. 



Overjoyed at being so clever, I decide I deserve a coffee and pain au chocolat while I buy bread for lunch.  


I love my local bakery, it has a chandelier (of course)!


Fully caffeinated, I tour the market and buy some fresh ham for lunch (cut from the bone as I wait) and a fresh goat's cheese (chèvre), recommended by the man tending the stall.  

Then it's back over the hill again, heading for home. This is the view on the way home:



This field is just before our road:


I take a quick tour around our yard, seeing how autumn is treating it. A bit of colour here:


Some olives fruiting there:


We have a huge vine growing up the side of our house, so I lay on my back in the grass and get a shot. 


Then I roll right and see the kids' playhouse in the back yard - it always looks so cosy.


Then I roll left and see this fab view of our front yard. Everything looks so fresh and bright, I can't believe it's all about to die and drop off. *sniff*


Last of all, I head inside to show off my spoils to the family. A torsade (twisted pastry with custard and chocolate inside) and a brioche glacé for second-breakfast. Baguette and chèvre pays for lunch (with the ham). 


Okay, so I just check the chèvre is all right. 


Yes, okay, and I may have tried the ham too. It was scrumptious. 


This is why Victoria's Secret aren't calling me back (stuff them, I'd rather eat cheese). 


Marg said...

Life looks wonderful. (Except for the lack of fuel.)

Susan said...

What a beautiful part of the world you live in! I visited France in 2008 and Paris this year - I wish I could live there too!
I stumbled upon your blog but will be coming back for sure! Great photos!

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Oh what a very pretty place you live. I love your food photos too. My girls were drooling over the twisty pastry! How can your place look so sweet when other areas in France are being ripped apart? It's all so devastating to watch. I hope it all settles down soon.

Quilts on Bastings said...

Oh, I wish I was there... The scenery, the food (oh the food!) and the markets!

VickiT said...

Hello ~ I wandered over from Sew Many Ways blog. I HAD to come and tell you how gorgeous all these pictures are. Just BEAUTIFUL and oh, those foods...YUM! It's good for me they are way across the world. I could get into lots of trouble with all that fabulous food just a short walk away. LOL

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