Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bonjour and Bienvenue au Travelling Pic Stitch Blog Hop

Welcome to my stop on the Travelling Pic Stitch Blog Hop - organised by the lovely Katy and Laura.

These girls had the idea of getting bloggers around the world to piece together some quilting goodness, the colours of which have to be based on a photo they have taken during their travels.

So, what sort of piecing? Why, English Paper Piecing of course. Is there any other? (No really, I'm serious, is there any other??).

This hand sewing technique is the perfect project to take on the road when travelling. If you would like to see a concise explanation of EPP, just look here at Florence of Flossie Teacakes' most excellent write up.

There are many stops on the Blog Hop (which goes until the end of next month) and anyone can join in by creating their own piece and linking up on 30 Nov.

And yes, there are prizes courtesy of some lovely sponsors:

Paper Pieces (whose code PAPER20 will get you 20% off at checkout)
Pink Castle Fabrics
Marmalade Fabrics
Fat Quarter Shop
Want It Need It Quilt

Good stuff!

Now, here's what I got up to with my first ever EPP attempt.

My photo came from our recent trip to Nice on the French Riviera.


The colours on the right below were pulled from photo by the Playcrafts Palette Builder. Because I'm very fond of turquoise I decided to go heavy on the blue and add just a pop of orange to represent the terracotta roofs of the Vielle Ville (Old City).


I used Kona Solids Cyan, Lagoon and Tangerine plus an off cut of turquoise curtain voile (with light interfacing on the back).


I tried my hand at few different shapes:


And eventually sewed them together to make an abstract geometric pattern.


I've been needing an iPad case for a while so I decided to use the piece to decorate a linen foundation.

I used double sided interfacing to adhere the piece and then reinforced it by stitching around the edges.


I was expecting it to look like a dog's breakfast so I was very pleased with the outcome.


This lasted 14.7 seconds until I realised I'd made a rather tragic mistake:

Flap closes on design. Bugger. 

No going back once you've fused that sucker down, so I had to do some creative cutting to salvage the thing. 

Note to self: double check the placement before fusing. Then check again. 

Anyhoo, I now have an iPad case that can hold an iPad. I consider that a win.


There you have it. I tried EPP for the very first time and not a single swear word was uttered (the moment I discovered my appliqué was upside down doesn't count as technically the EPPing was over by then). I really enjoyed the zen of the process and hope to do some more.


And so the show goes on! For the complete list of Blog Hop participants over the two months, see here

For some quick links you can see yesterday's stop here at Jo's blog Bearpaw and tomorrow's stop will be at Ramona's blog Ramona Rose

I will be back soon with some more pictures from Nice, see you then. 


Katy Cameron said...

Oh it's gorgeous, I knew you'd have a wonderful pic with great colours for us :o) (oh, and foundation paper piecing ;o) )

Kathryn said...

Your project based onNice is exceptionally nice. thanks.

Anne said...

I love the design and colors! And thank you so much for linking to our palette tool. :D

Judith said...

EPP is my favorite! Nice cover for your iPad. I to did a bo bo with my first cover for my tablet. Thanks for sharing...Judith, Texas

Erin @ Once Upon a Donkey said...

It's truly lovely. The aquas and orange - divine! Nice save with the oopsie too. Sounds like something I'd do! :)

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

STUNNING!! Oh wow, this is just incredible & fantastic colours, love Posie

Jenelle said...

I hate when I do that too! It's such a fun case and I love the asymmetrical hexie layout. :)

Salley said...

Great comeback! Lovely photos and fabulous links. Thanks!

Susan said...

You stitched your way out of that like the professional you are! Great design! My turn soon....ugh!

Wendy said...

Wow, that was really your first time? It's so neat!

myBearpaw said...

Love those colours together, and that turned into a very professional looking ipad case - well done!

Esch House Quilts said...

Your case looks great - I'm so glad you were able to work it out. I love the random shape of it.

Laura said...

Oh NICE!!! hhehheeehe... very very creative block. love the photos, the colours and the finished palette. I'm feeling that my designs will be quite boring now! Lol! You're pushing the bar up!

blandina said...

Very very nice, I love your iPad case.
I need one too, how do you keep yours closed, velcro?

Dianne Neale said...

Great EPP, and it's your first. Can't believe it.

Carla said...

Aren't you clever!!

M-R Charbonneau said...

LOVE it! Great idea and a wonderful modern twist.

kat129 said...

I snorted Diet Coke out of my nose when I read the part about looking like a dog's breakfast. I think your I-pad case is wundabar (I love abstract) and am glad there was no swearing - hopefully this means I too can do EPP. It seems rather daunting. Thanks for sharing and for the link to Flossie Teacakes EPP words of wisdom!

las sandalias de ana said...

so cute!


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