Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nice, France, Part 1

Hi everyone, hope you're having a great week so far!

Commiserations to any Hawthorn supporters out there. We enjoyed the game over a quiet Bundy and Coke or two - very refreshing at 7am!

I have some pictures from Nice for you today - so if you are up for a ramble around this infamous Mediterranean city, read on:

We arrived Saturday afternoon, just in time to see the mister cross the finish line for his week-long road bike event.

The beach umbrellas at Nice, on the French Riviera

Viewed from the finish line, looking across the road:

Hotel Negresco in Nice, France
The romantic Hotel Negresco (built 1912)

Looking up:

Scary casino jester head

Looking down:


We were experiencing the last weekend of the heatwave that simmered France in August, so a cold one of these was required:

French beer isn't my favourite (I prefer Belgian) but this was cold and wet and deeeelicious.

That evening we were all a little tired after the journey and excitement of the day. I offered to cook and so went down the street to pick up some take-away pizza to eat in our apartment.

As I waited for our order to cook I took a short stroll on the Promenade des Anglais, where I came across some sort of small parade:


And couldn't resist snapping a few more shots of the Hotel Negresco, which I think is even prettier by night.

Hotel Negresco by night in Nice, France

The next day I was up with the sun and left my sleeping beauties behind to explore the streets.


This amazed me - an apartment block with doors that open from each landing of the stairwell straight out to the front of the building. Not even a screen door. As an occasional klutz and a mother of young children, the thought makes me shudder.


Nice has a big expat scene - it was the winter destination from the late 1800s and hasn't looked back since. Plenty of Englishfolk retired there (and still do, lucky sods). Many Russian well-to-do also settled in Nice during the turbulent 1910s. The Saint Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral was built in 1912 and is the largest church of this denomination located outside Russia.

St Nicholas Cathedral, Russian Orthodox, in Nice, France
1865 - when Nicholas, Russia's heir apparent, died in Nice (for whom the Cathedral is named) 

It was too early for visiting hours so I admired the beautiful mosaic work from the gates. I had every intention of returning later to see inside but unfortunately time ran away from us (a good reason to go back to Nice again, methinks).


Most of my wandering that morning was around the Medecin area, just north of the Promenade des Anglais, where the buildings have fabulously ornate façades and very classy porticoes.


In an age of 'get it built quick and cheap' these buildings are a beautiful deviation from the norm. I happily spent a few hours walking around with my chin up in the air and *ahem* photographing people's windows.


Also seen out and about:

Very early on; had to have my coffee and croissant

Super cute yellow car

Across the road from super cute yellow car. D'oh.

Would have loved to take this home and turn it into a glass-topped table

Loved this vintage sign even though there is something deeply disturbing about a coffeepot drinking its own coffee.

That day the kids had a ball on the beach and we enjoyed a leisurely lunch on the Promenade (followed by lazy afternoon naps). That night we ventured down to Old Nice for some Indian food (best we've had in France) and then soaked in the evening ambiance.

The streets were bustling with diners and tourists:


And the kids loved this more modern art display:

Hardcore naughty-corner alternative for very bad children

And it wouldn't be France without a beautiful merry-go-round that's over a hundred years old:


Probably enough photographs for now (sorry for anyone on dial-up) but I will be back with more soon. Nice is too wonderful to be contained in just one post!


Ele said...

We spent the first week of September in Nice. Had such a lovely time. So much to see and explore! Love your beautiful photos!

I have a few (very amateur) photos from our week here:

Tim said...

Great photos, excellent post, thanks for sharing. Was in Nice earlier this year and kind of enjoyed it but found it all a bit short on wide open spaces!

Shane Pollard said...

I could easily move into No:18 - no make it Palais Florine - YES I could happily settle in Nice.
I've only been once - I remember the beaches with the umbrellas - a very expensive swim!!!
Incredible photos - lovely post.
Shane x

Teresa said...

Wonderful photos, great details! How wise of you to sneak out to explore the streets in the morning. I'm a late riser and could do such a thing in my dreams only. We had a holiday in Nice in August, too. And it was hot! Towards the end of our one-week stay we were simply too exhausted to even plan any excursions so on the last two days we didn't even drive the car out of the garage.

Lauren said...

Loved your pics as usual. First time I've seen a merry-go-round with a staircase. The thought of the apartment doors opening straight onto the street from the staircase landings makes me shudder too. However, they could also be utilised as a hardcore naughty-corner alternative for very naughty children with a little bit of thought. Joking, of course. As a mother, I tend to be on the anxious end of the spectrum.

Sara Louise said...

Wasn't it nice of Nice to put on a parade for you!
Seeing these gorgeous photos of the promenade makes me realize that I should be living in Nice, not the country!
And yes, a coffee pot drinking coffee is creepy and wrong. x.

Sarah said...

Some lovely views of Nice. I used to go there regularly when my DB had a flat there but he's sold it now so we hardly ever go. Funnily enough the weather was always crap when we went when he had it but wasn't when we visited after he'd sold it!

Katy Cameron said...

I've only ever flown out of Nice, but always thought I should actually look round at some point, now you've really tantalised me!

Nat at Made in Home said...

Nice is a very very pretty town. I actually stayed in the Negresco with work, impressed the hell out everyone I know (French family and British friends!)

Anonymous said...

How beautiful to see your photo's, I have just returned from a trip to Paris and England, we only had 2 nights in Paris, but oh what a pretty city, I loved it, so it's lovely to see other places in France through your eyes. I must say though - and I can say this to you being a fellow Aussie -the French are a very serious bunch, being a typical Australian I smile and say hello to people I pass in the street, not so in Paris. I felt like shaking then and sying - hello, smile, look where you are!!!! xxBrenda

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Yes, Australians and French are different in some ways, that being one of them. Glad to hear you had a great stay in Paris, Brenda, and hope you get to come down south next time you're over this way!

Mike said...

Kirs, 3rd last picture, old mate is getting a handful. Nice pictures

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Ha, hadn't noticed that!

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