Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nice, France, Part 2

If you're looking for Part 1, it's over here.

We made the most of our last day in Nice before we drove home - the day started early for me again with the sunrise.

Sunrise from the beach in Nice, on the French Riviera

There were a few early morning exercisers, a few not-quite-finished-from-the-night-before party people and some giggling old ladies out for a sunrise swim (all with those cute bathing caps).

Sunrise in Nice, France
Umbrella and lounge chair on the pebble beach at Nice, France
The seaside restaurants and lounges were all setting up for the day.

The 'beach':

Once the pretty colours had been chased away by the sun I made my way towards the Vielle Ville, enjoying the sites on the way.

Glass over entrance to the Hotel Negresco in Nice, France
Hotel Negresco

Bikes for hire in Nice, France
Bikes for hire

The gorgeous light fixtures outside L'Opéra de Nice

The streets in the Old City are narrow and colourful with an Italian feel. (The influence of Nice once being a part of the Roman Empire?)

Beautiful buildings in the Old City of Nice, France
Where we actually ended up eating lunch that day. Much more crowded at midday. 


Even the laundromat looks inviting:


The antique market was setting up on the Cours Saleya as I arrived.


Plenty of trash:


And treasure (which is, of course, all in the eye of the beholder):

These vintage buttons were expensive but gorgeous (I only bought 4, very reserved).

I was too frightened to look inside this book in case it had pictures. Remember my trip to the French gyno?

After my morning wanderings we checked out of our apartment and headed up to the Parc du Château.

This Parc is located on top of a 92m hill right next door to the Old City.

The views from all sides are spectacular, whether it be over the beach:


Or Vieux Nice:


Or the Port (loving the hot pink silos):


There is much we didn't get to see in Nice and we'd love to go back. However, with the number of weekends we have left in France almost down to single digits it's unlikely this will happen. Boo.


But we never say never!


Michelle Carvalho said...

Beautiful pictures as always! What a lovely area!

Marg said...

I remember too well your trip to the gyno.
I used to have a chandelier similar to the one in the photograph, back I'm the 80s.
Oh no I'm going to miss your fabulous and beautiful posts of your time in France. Hopefully you will be able to make Oz look as interesting and appealing.

Katy Cameron said...

Love all the pics, especially the early morning ones, you've made me want to visit now!

Poppyprint said...

Stunning, as always! I can't believe the crowds on the beach. So, how many chandeliers are you shipping home?

Needle little Balance said...

I just read your adventure at the gyno- I love your stories! But it must be a central european thing- here in Austria the visits to the gyno are about the same as in France. It surprised me that patients are covering themselfes at the gyno in Australia. If I ever had to go to the gyno there without reading your blog -who knows what I had done? There is so much to learn from reading blogs. ;-)

Your pictures bring back memories from our summer holiday this year. I have seen similar pretty Seltzer bottles at the flea market in Cannes this August, maybe they are the same that you saw in Nice and just no one bought them for € 70-80/piece. ;-)

Nicola said...

You are so dedicated to get up early for the photographs but it was worth it. Love that first one of the chairs. Life in France won't be the same without all your posts. Maybe you can have a 'France Friday' or something when you get back to Oz for all the French posts that no doubt got away!

Camilla said...

Just went on a long side track reading your older post about the gyno (humiliating but hilarious!) which led to the birth story...and felt compelled to tell you that I gave birth to my second child in Melbourne and there was given stitches without anaesthetic so it's not just a French thing!

Salley said...

Did you get up early . .or just hadnt been to bed the night before?????
Fabulous photography again, Kirsty.

B said...

I love Niceand your photos make me miss it so!
When are you guys heading back down under? We will have to try and meet up!

I always love seeing a place I've visited - often as is the case with Nice - through your artistic eyes. Although it makes me feel like I have walked around a place with my eyes shut as you always find pockets of beauty I would overlook.


Cat Palmer said...

Thank you for the link to your trip to the French Gyno. Your telling and the accompanying photos gave me a much needed bout of laughter. I shall consider myself forewarned and therefore forearmed should I ever need to see the gyno in France. :-) Nice looks nice too, lucky thing you are!!!

Sara Louise said...

I refuse to let you leave. Refuse!
If I buy you one of those chandeliers would you stay?

Sarah said...

Some lovely memories there even if you don't get to go back.

Judith said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. I did not get to go south when I was there in France, but did go to Buxerolles (if that is spell right)Poiter, Charters where we would take train rides to any part of France,three days in Paris. It was another world and everyone was so kind there. Happy that I have family there and the shops, I say sweet! Judith, Texas

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures, I have just come back from a whirlwind trip to Paris and the UK, we spent only 2 days in Paris, but oh, what a pretty city, to see another part of France through your eyes is just lovely. On a different note I do remember the gyno post and just revisited it - I laughed just as much this time as the first, great story telling! I'll stick to the Aussie way thanks! xxBrenda

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

I loved those bottles but 70€ was a bit much for me, especially as I would like three to make a little collection. Those turquoises are beautiful though. Knowing my luck they'd get broken in the move home.

Wendy said...

Kirsty, your photos are gorgeous as always and just bring the city to life! Absolutely beautiful. And I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to read your story of the French gyno, nearly died laughing whilst simultaneously cringing on your behalf. "'Hello boys' position" -- oh my stars! Hilarious all around.

Diane said...

Just popped over from Meredith's blog. You have some stunning photos here and that beach looks amazing before it gets taken over by people tanning.
Having just discovered you it now sounds like you are leaving :-( Diane

Eva said...

So beautiful! You made me want to visit Nice now! :-) I wouldn't have looked inside that book either ...

Murielle said...

Hello Kirsty, I'm from Nice. I love to see my town with your "fresh" eyes and your gorgeous photos, thank you... Your story about French gyno is so right but French women are used to do with it ;°D

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Thanks for dropping by Murielle, your city is truly gorgeous!

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