Friday, January 13, 2012

A quick birthday post

Not mine. The mister's. He's a ripe old 39 now (and never handsomer).


The kids decorated the cake for him.

The babysitter was called in and we went out for a hearty Provençal meal in Aix.


There may have been a chandelier...


We walked home through the Porsches, admiring the lights near the Hôtel de Ville.


Then back out onto the Cours Mirabeau, where this scene was so French it slapped us upside the head with a baguette.


Sad that the Christmas lights (on the Cours) have been turned off now, but then I'm not paying the power bill.

Almost the weekend here in France! Have a good one.


Susan said...

Happy Birthday to Monsieur! Thanks for sharing a bit of your special night! Do you choose restaurants for their chandeliers?

Marg said...

Happy Birthday to the Mister.
Not too many chandeliers in restaurants back here in Oz!
Very romantic walking through the Porsches.

Eva said...

Happy birthday to Mister! We Capricorns rule! ;-)

walking home through the Porsches ... as one does ...

It looks like you had a lovely evening! Have a lovely weekend, too! :-)

Maaike said...

Porsches and good food, can life get any better?! Congratulations to the mister! Are our misters celebrating on the same day?... mine is on the 9th.

Happy weekend to you too,

diana said...

Well, Happy Birthday to the Mister it is :)

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Babysitters are such a bless, aren't they? :D

Auburnchick said...

Happy birthday to your Mister - from a fellow Capricorn. Your line, "..where this scene was so French it slapped us upside the head with a baguette." made me laugh in my coffee. :-)

AL said...

Joyeux Anniversaire a Mister. Looks like a splendid place to celebrate...and that cake looks too good.

Sara Louise said...

The kids did a great job on the cake x

blandina said...

What a nice post, it is full of your love for the Mister (I know that he deserves it).
Happy birthday from Florence, too.

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