Wednesday, January 11, 2012


In honour of the New Year I've been going through all my photo files, trying to organise and cull a bit, and came across a few visits (and one quilt) that I forgot to share with you. Without further ado, let's go on a quick trip through the lovely village of Ansouis in the Luberon Valley.


It's on a hilltop (I know, I know, they're all on hilltops. Yawn.)


It's a small village (good for a half-day visit) with charismatic cobble-stoned streets.


If you keep heading uphill you'll find a rather fortressy looking building.


Strangely enough, it's a fortress.


Built in the 10th century, the main part you see here is apparently open afternoons (we visited in the morning).


However we found the adjoining chapel open.


Not the fanciest we've visited, but I'm a sucker for old churches and loved the colours in this particular one.


And the chandeliers. Oh, how I love chandeliers.


In fact, I think I have a little problem with chandeliers.


Something about the way they look in that beautiful filtered light.


Can't. stop. photographing.


OK, there was a nice brass incense burner hanging over the altar...


Hey - what's that over there...


And up there-


That was the last one. I promise.

Once I dragged myself away from the crystal we headed out to the viewing platform on the other side of the fortress.


Where we found a picturesque autumn vista.

Fields of yellow vines

Then it was time for lunch, so we were on our way.

Back past the beautiful streets and alleys.


Snazzy vintage cars (leather interior...nice)

Toddler looking for the slot to put a coin in 

And of course it wouldn't be France without an archway to drive home through.


And that was Ansouis (for us)- small but nonetheless lovely.

Easy to see how it made the list of France's 156 Plus Beaux Villages.

À bientôt!


Susan said...

Love the chandeliers too! And your cute little boy pointing the way home! Beautiful!

Nicola said...

Our landlord put chandeliers in all our rooms - so gorgeous - until you have to start replacing the lightbulbs!!

AL said...

I adore these small ancient villages, of which France has so many. Isn't it amazing that such wonderful buildings from so long ago are still standing? Just beautiful!

Marg said...

I'm partial to a chandelier or two too.
Nice wheels!

verobirdie said...

Shame on me, never heard of it... Thanks for the visit!

Christine said...

I wonder if anyone would notice us carrying a long ladder to swipe one or two of those awesome chandeliers?

Unknown said...

Au fil d'un web-voyage... sur le patch,
Je découvre votre site sur la France.
Vos photos sont superbes et révèlent notre si beau pays au gré de vos 'agréables promenades'.
Une petite française du Sud

Eva said...

:-D! If you need a break from hills, you should come to Finland ... ;-) There's a biggish hill about 100 km from here that's mockingingly called "Finland's Switzerland" ... Of course, the landscape is different in the North, but here it's quite boringly flat ...

I like chandeliers, too. Didn't before but now I do. Good thing one can change one's mind about things! :-)

Thank you for another beautiful tour! :-)

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, the more I read on here, the more places I'm taking note of to visit when I get back there, probably next year :o)

Annie said...

Oh wow! The photographs here, especially those of the chandeliers, are just amazing. And I do agree about the colours in the chapel ... they're perfect :D

Margaret said...

Beautiful, as always! I find the first two photos especially incredible.

Sara Louise said...

Is it weird that I don't think I've ever seen a chandelier in a church before? x

Sharon said...

Absolutely beautiful are an amazing photographer.....sigh, I wish I could live there......dreams!!!


Anonymous said...

Aren't chandeliers the best. i spent a fruitful afternoon searching old chandelier drops to suspend off my christmas tree. It was the first time we'd braved breakable christmas decorations. I'm mum and 4 kids in the north and you're mum and four kids in the south - will be keeping an eye to check you are not having more fun down there!!!!

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Probably just as much fun, but with less clothes on! (That's a reference to our better weather, not saying we are nudists ;)
Can't find an email address on your blog to reply personally - have you thought of activating your email in your profile (or whatever wordpress' equivalent is) so folks can reply direct to your inbox?

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