Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hanging with Aidan again

Hi everyone, did you have a great weekend?

We loaded the family into the car and headed across to visit with Aidan and family, in Montpellier.

The small market right at the end of Aidan's street. Can you imagine it? Amazing.

We've been to Aidan's before - and again we had such a good time.

Aidan has chandeliers. They are beautiful.


Will someone please offer me a book deal for a chandelier coffee table book so I can justify all these pictures I'm taking? Thank you.

This is the new addition to Aidan's family. Clementine Mirabel Petals (this is what happens when you let all three children name the dog) - isn't she gorgeous?


Our toddler had a heart attack every time she came near him, poor girl. I hope she didn't get a complex.

The food was fantastic. From the welcome cocktail (Bellinis -champagne with peach puree) to the mari's lasagna to la fille's decadent cheesecake.

Speaking of the cheesecake, a certain young man couldn't wait until dessert and broke his sister's heart when he did this.


Thank you darling Aidan and famille, it was wonderful to catch up!


my cup of tea said...

Your photos are always so lovely! What a beautiful dog! Now i have an overwhelming craving for cheesecake!

Aidan said...

Thank you Kirsty and fam! It was a wonderful because of the brilliant company. Love from Montpellier.
A xo
Ps I need a copy of clementines photo.

Nicola said...

Just did a quick count - we have nine (!) chandeliers. Should be enough to get your book started ;)

Eva said...

It looks like you had a lovely time! Such pretty pictures and that dog looks so beautiful and nice!

Avantgarde cheesecake art! :-D Maybe after all those heart attacks he really needed some comfort food ... ;-) I remember being mortified whenever my little brother did something he shouldn't have done when we were guests somewhere. One time he set the hosts' doormat on fire ... So tell her it could have been worse ... ;-)

Lisa said...

Now I'm wondering which looks best, the dog or the cheesecake? Great pictures!!! Sounds like fun.

Sara Louise said...

Every pie and cake at Aidan's ends up with a little boy's fingerprints all over it.

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