Saturday, June 25, 2011

Turquoise Table Runner

Another (small) finish to start the weekend.


I had an idea to mix lots of neutrals with a pop of turquoise, and this is what eventuated. The blocks were 5 inches square, 4.5 inches once sewn together.  I used a variety of turquoise scraps and yardage, including some lovely linen sent to me by Diana at Sticks and Bubbles. The turquoise edging is only 0.5 inch once joined. That didn't leave much room for slightly off seams (plus some of my neutral squares were linen which has a tendency to stretch) so I used thicker strips and then cut the blocks back to size, which worked nicely.


I'm quite fond of the back too, and can see the flip-side being used quite often. I used random 1.5, 2 and 2.5 inch strips and cut in some blocks of colour.


Favourite back detail is this little fella.


I quilted using organic straight lines across the neutral part of each block (running parallel with the stripes on the back). I love how when you're too lazy to rule straight quilting lines you can just call it 'organic'.


Binding was going to be scrappy until I decided to stick with this Michael Miller fabric, which I think ties it all together nicely.


I'm very happy with this one, I love it when they work out just as you planned.


Bon weekend, tout le monde!


  1. Your table runner is gorgeous - the turquoise and the neutrals is a perfect pairing. Well done.

  2. Fabulous runner! It is great when what we imagine actually eventuates! Well done!

  3. Perfect! I just love the combination of linen and quilting fabric; it feels so utilitarian. Your organic quilting is wonderful too and it doesn't look at all lazy to me!

    Jennifer :)

  4. I've just found your blog and love it. The turquoise table runner is just lovely, would you mind if I pinned it to my pinterest page for inspiration?

  5. J'adore your table runner! The colours are so cool and calming. Fab!

  6. I wouldn't have thought of this colours' combination, it is an unusual one, very pleasant indeed. You are full of surprises!

  7. very nice,love the color combo!
    found you though sew darn crafty linky.

  8. Honest to goodness stunning quilt. Where did the gal that you got the linen from get those pretty pieces?? LOVE them to death!!

    I am quite fond of the "organic" lines as well;)

  9. Just lovely...and I like the back as much as the front...

  10. beautiful! I love the greys with the turquoise pop - wonderful! I, too, am a fan of organic quilting!

  11. This is beautiful! I love turquoise and the mix with the neutrals and the linen is just perfect! The back is just as stunning as the front and the organic straight lines are really cute! "Lazy" can be a good thing sometimes ... ;-) :-)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. colours are divine, love the back and i can see why that wee birdie is a fave. love it

  14. beautiful! Gorgeous! just love it! :) I especially love the way you've alternated the blocks so it looks like the seams kind of spin at the joins :)

  15. Oh, it came out so pretty. I think the color combination and patterns are so interesting together. Love it!

  16. What pretty combo of fabric. Just seeing the pretty straight stitches all in a row gave me such pleasure-

  17. Love those journals! And LOVE your blog
    <3 your newest follower


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