Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just in case.

Because you can never have too many pencil cases.


Well, that's a lie. Which is why I gave these away.


School is almost out here in southern France (we finish in 2 weeks) and both the big kids' schools are having what they call a kermesse.


We'd call it a school fĂȘte in Australia (to raise money for the next school year). Not sure what you 'Murricans call them (if you have them?)


These pencil cases are also based on the Noodlehead tutorial I mentioned previously. I used 18 cm (7 in) zippers for mine and went from there.


The best part is choosing the fabrics - coordinating case, lining and zipper - tons of fun (the sewing-inclined will know what I mean). The not-so-good part is sewing up 7 of the buggers.


Taking the photos was also a joy (as you can see, I took too many again).


I was tempted to go all patchworky on these, but quilting fabrics these days are such awesome little snippets of art on their own I didn't really see any need to. Plus I felt like they would appeal to more folks if they were kept on the simpler side. Some people just don't get patchwork.


Well, another Friday has rolled around, hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



Susan said...

These are fabulous-made all the more special by your great photography! My fav is the blue and black one! 10 euro each?!!! Good luck with the fair!

blandina said...

Well, I should come to the kermesse and buy a few of these lovely pouches. I could sew them , but my fabrics are not as nice as yours!
How is the baby in the oven doing?

Jennifer said...

So cute!!

We Americans call it a fundraiser a.k.a extortion. ;) I wish our fundraisers consisted of handmade items so cute! Instead it's plastic gift cards or asking us to buy a piece of our child's artwork for $35 to which I feel guilty and cave because what kind of parent would I be if I didn't buy my child's artwork?

Jennifer :)

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

They will sell before they even touch the tables!! They are seriously gorgeous! Adore that chair fabric but they are all so pretty and bright. Good for you. In NZ we call it a school gala. Your zips photo is so neat as are your zips.

midge said...

they are so beautiful kirsty, so neat and pretty and well delicious. they will be snapped up. i love a good fete, although i do whinge a bit because i have a theory that the reason we make 50,000 out of ours every year is because we parents,work for weeks, donate it all, and then buy it all back.
worth it though , the kids have a ball.
ps how is that soon to be born going?

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Gorgeous pencil cases - they are bound to be best sellers!

Anne said...

These are absolutely gorgeous, the colours, the zips, everything. You clever lady you!! :)
Very glad to see you haven't lost your Australianisms with the "so let her rip" in you post a comment blurb. From a fellow Aussie, it gladens my heart. :)
Have a good one,
Anne xx

Christine said...

Nice! These are really cute. Here in California the kids torture everyone with organized sales of wrapping paper, magazines, cookie dough. When you blow all your money on one kid then the other one asks you to buy from them.....its all expensive crap. And, always at the beginning of the year. Although, my daughter's music class had a concert in downtown San Jose at a real convention center back in January and they auctioned off cool things. I ended up with an autographed picture of a San Jose Sharks ice hockey player :-)

Unknown said...

We also are forced to buy our kids art work. Then they want us to sell reusable shopping bags and cookie dough. Really? Cookie dough that's like 12 bucks! Wish we could just auction off some cool stuff. Cute pouches, by the way.

Marg said...

Love the pencil cases, you've chosen some gorgeous fabrics and I love the interiors too.
Boy you've been busy!!!!

Cally said...

These are so gorgeous, lucky kids! Thanks for the link to the tute as well.

Lauren said...

I've been meaning to make pencil cases for ages. This may be just the motivation I need. Looks like Google might be fixed too.

Eva said...

These are so pretty and cheerful! :-) And sound like such a fun project! The fabric selection is also one of my favourite parts of sewing. It's always a bit of a surprise how the combination will look once everything is sewn up, and I like that a lot, too! :-)

beachiesews said...

Oh my...your work is lovely. Your photography makes me want to plan a trip to Europe...

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