Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rainy Days

We've had a few.

Olive tree in flower

Of course we need rain, but it's always a bit of a bummer when it's over a four day long weekend.

Cherry tree

We still went away for a few days - those photos to come soon.


Doesn't rain always make the garden look fantastic?

Lavender in bloom

It's the same old garden but somehow... better. I guess we all look better after a good wash.

Not too sure what this is...

Could it be a type of Spanish Broom?

And anyone know what this star-shaped mushie is? 

I must also say a big thank you to Karen at Sew Many Ways, who had a giveaway to celebrate her one millionth (!) visitor and I was lucky enough to win this delicate sterling silver necklace.


When her package arrived I thought it was very big for a little necklace - this was because she'd included a gift for each of the kids, even the one still in the oven. What a sweetheart.


The kids were all very excited and glad to have some new playthings - especially this past rainy week.

Elmo was sent for the toddler; lucky he doesn't mind sharing. 

Thank you Karen!


Susan said...

Lovely post! I just don't 'look' so good dripping wet! What a thoughtful girl Karen is to send goodies for the kiddies!!! Beautiful shot of the family chilling out with Elmo! Was Ventoux conquered?

blandina said...

I believe it is Spanish Broom indeed, or Genista in latin, GenĂȘt in French: it is in blossom everywhere in Tuscany now. But I have never seen the star shaped mushie: fallen from above with the rain, maybe?

Nicola said...

Funny, I just posted about the unseasonal rain we've been having in California. Just found your lovely blog via Anna Maria Horner's Flickr group. We seem to have lots in common - I sew, have four little kids and we are also just about to move to France (Paris)! I have been enjoying reading back through your archives - everything you do is beautiful.

Veronica said...

My jaw is dropping at those stunningly perfect photos! I love how everything looks so fresh with dewdrops still clinging on some of them. Gorgeous! Oh, and congrats on the win. Very pretty necklace indeed.

Keukenprinses said...

The mushroom is a Devil's Egg, by the way:)

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