Saturday, January 29, 2011

This week I...

Took Carli's package down to our village post office - it was closed. Drove to the next village, whose post office was also closed. Listened to the radio: all post offices in Bouches-du-Rhône are on strike. Sigh, of course they are. This morning I trekked over to the next department and finally sent off Carli's canvas. Bon voyage!


Cracked and visited neighbouring town's bakery after my failed posting attempt. Why does this feel like confessing to an infidelity? Who could resist this Cranberry and Almond bread loaf? Tasted good on its own, even better toasted with butter.


Realised my 'followers' had passed the 100 mark! Hello everybodeeeeeee! *Grover wave* I need to sort out my side bars and put up some links and follow back (I always forget to 'follow' as I use the Google Blog Reader).

Enjoyed some play time.


The toddler, at 16 months, finally decided to toddle.


He can get into twice as much trouble now.


Freaked out a bit about all the unfinished projects I really need to finish, so I poured a cuppa, wrote a list and got a grip on myself.

The mister's going to know I've been into the truffles again when he sees this. 

Received the most awesome, generous package which has me chomping at the bit to start new projects like this:


Received a lovely award from the even lovelier Diana over at Sticks and Bubbles. Thank you Diana!

Diana has a fabulous eye for colour and makes the most amazing fabric matches. Like this, or this, or how about this. And this is just soooooo nice. One inspiring lady. Plus she blogs in English even though she's Romanian, which is bloody hard work.

Cut a bunch of half-square triangle blocks.


Finally finished the hand binding on the minky baby quilt.


And saving the most exciting 'til last (no offence Carli and Diana ;):

Found out our first routine ultrasound scan was normal and that baby number four (eeeek!) is doing well and due mid July. A French summer baby? Mais oui, merci!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Wendy said...

Hello! Congratulations on your toddler toddling and a healthy baby on it's way. I read blogs in Google Blog Reader too, hate the one on Blogger, but if you "follow", it will automatically send it to your Reader too. You say you're over 100 followers... I noticed that it says on my profile I'm only allowed 100, did yours say that too? Did it change it's mind? Not that I'm in any danger of reaching that point!

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Thank you Wendy! I think I am talking about followers the other way around - in that there are 100 people following my blog. I'm not sure how many I'm following in my reader (too scared to count!). But I didn't know you could 'follow' a blog and that would load it automatically into your blog reader - I've just been manually adding my subscriptions. Thanks for teaching me something!

Maaike said...

Wow, congratulations to your new baby's first ultrasound! So exciting... and the blanket turned out beautiful.
Have a great weekend, love Maaike

Cat said...

Congratulations on baby #4 and do pass on any hints on how I can get my Mister to believe me that I NEED #3 . . . . he says things like "you can't go to Europe pregnant" or "I'm not taking a new born to Europe" or "you're getting close to 40" or "we have 2 and I'm done" .. .. .. *sigh*
Love the minky quilt -
Thanks for the tips re France - planning is so much fun but even better when you have such an awesome blog to follow and see inspiring photos of places to visit such as yours xxx

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Oh my gosh, how jolly exciting!!! No.4 will be so cute. The big kids will adore having a baby again. We all love our No.4, she gets away with everything as she's so funny. Guess you'll have to make another quilt now.

Love those links. What a clever lady. Love your new triangles as well. What is the natural fabric you are using?

Love your embroidery colours too. And jolly well done getting that sweet quilt finished. Big tick for you! Oh thanks so much for your email, I'll give it some serious thought in the next few weeks.

Dianne said...

Bonjour Kirsty - just love that cranberry & almond bread - Congrats you've made the 100 followers - that's an achievement - keep blogging coz I love your posts.

Selina said...

Wow! Baby number 4!!! Congratulations!

You do worry me with all these talks of strikes. Everyone seems to go on strike over there! Just one more thing to add to the list of travel worries!!

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Sarah - all those fabrics are actually IKEA bed linen! The reds/oranges are cut from a doona/duvet set (the red version of the blue/green one I used to make my pixelated quilt) and the neutral colour is a dvala bedsheet. I really love that brown, and it goes so nicely with all the warm reds. I'm sure there is a Kona solid that matches it, but until I can get my mitts on a colour chart it's hard to know.

Anita said...


Lindy in Brisbane said...

Number 4! Wow, congratulations.

michelle said...

congratulations mama. how exciting

Miriam said...

Congratulations to you and the Mister on baby number 4!!

Great to hear the toddler is now toddling. :)

Congratulations on over 100 followers!

diana said...

First of all wow! Ok, I must admit I sooo envy you: 4! This so cool on so many levels :D

Second, wow! I love how the minky turned out.

Third, I've been thinking about HST fo a while, can't wait to see what you make with them.

And fourth: 101 followers? You deserve them and much more :D In about an year I see you haing 1000 followers and beeing one of those ladies everybody's talking about :D

Susan Snooks said...

Oh how exciting- a little French baby! Congratulations! And how yummy does that cranberry and almond bread look! And 100 followers too! Exciting times for you!

Aidan said...

I love cranberry/almond bread. I love toddler legs. I love truffles and a cuppa. aNd I love new babies! Congratulations on #4!
xo a

Sara Louise said...

La Poste is my nemesis.
Congrats on your toddler toddling!

Norwegiantage said...

Great post filled positivity! Sorry about the strike though :( You should visit my blog - I'm in the opposite situation of you: European in the US.


Jansie said...

Congrats on the happy ultrasound!! Wonderful news. And I just adore your minky quilt.

Jess said...

Congrats on bub no.4, very exciting. I love your minky quilt by the way!

Christine said...

the minky quilt is awesome. and congrats on your pregnancy!!! you are braver than I am - I stopped at 2. my b/f and I are so afraid of having an "accident", lol.

Carli said...

Number fours are lots of fun!! And thank you for wandering all over looking for a post office that was open!! I love my package, every last piece of chocolate and handwritten bit of it, thank you Kirsty.

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