Monday, January 24, 2011

I can has design wall?

Today is the day - the auction closes at 9pm Paris time tonight.


In breaking news, Carli has come in with a late bid and now has the lead! With six hours to go, anything could happen. Phew, I'm a bit excited by it all.

I'll tell you what else has me excited - finally getting myself a design wall.

I'd been reading around the traps that flannel sheets are the way to go - their fuzziness holds your quilting blocks in place and then you can move them around to your heart's content.


I hung my sheet with picture hooks along the top (sorry landlord). Then I used some nails to pull the sides tight (toight like a toiger, as Goldmember would say).


I was very tempted to just get the sheet up as quickly as possible, but instead I sewed in button holes for all the hanging points to strengthen them.


Hopefully it will last a bit longer now.

First trial - a quilt for the little girl of the house, who is a huge fan of pink and yellow if you hadn't guessed.


It's supposed to be morphing from pink to yellow across the diagonal.


I'm a few blocks short though, so more sewing required.


The next post will announce the auction winner.
Thanks so much to all those who've been digging deep across the internet for the disaster victims.


Ali said...

This quilt is gorgeous so far! I also use a flannel sheet hung on the wall, but I put it up with pushpins because I *was* too impatient to use things like buttonholes and nails. :)

Maevy said...

This quilt will be beautiful, I love all those yellow and orange, and I have spotted my favorite fabric ever! The design wall is very tempting, and I just happen to have a huge bare wall in my studio...

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

It does do that! Gosh that's so clever of you. What a beautiful quilt. And are those patches just stuck there or pinned? I bet the silly landlord never notices holes that far up either. Well done on your auction, fabulous work!

Marg said...

I would soooo make one of those if only I had a wall space big enough to hang it. Love the buttonhole idea, I probably wouldn't have done that as I'm too impatient.
The blocks are gorgeous, I love the colours, you have some very pretty fabrics there.

LisaR said...

Your quilt is beautiful....I also use a flannelette sheet...and I have one of the large Ikea Expedit bookcases to which I stuck some velcro to the top and sewed onto the sheet and put some smaller pieces of the velcro on the sides and bottom...and voila...a very handy design your blog by the way...have only just discovered it...I am planning a trip to Europe later in the year and am now wishing I was spending longer in France...having seen all of your gorgeous photos....oh well, I'll just have to come back another time...

michelle said...

that is about the most clever thing ever. and BTW i adore the girls quilt so far

Aidan said...

'toight like a toiger' made me giggle.
a x

Lindy in Brisbane said...

Ya gotta love a girl who quotes Goldmember. That is one of the most often repeated phrases in our household.

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