Friday, January 14, 2011

Let the Auction begin!

Toni at Make It Perfect is encouraging us to get our auctions up an running, so here we go.


I am auctioning this piece of art, made from a cotton artist canvas, quilting fabric, with some acrylic paint and sand paste for texture.


This little canvas is 22 x 27 x 2 cm (8.5 x 10.5 x 0.75 inches) in size.


I will pay for postage anywhere in the world.


The auction will run here, from this very blog post. (To see an example of how it goes, see Toni's own auction here).


Folks leave a comment with their bid amount and their contact email. Bids need to increase a minimum of a dollar.


All bids are in Australian Dollars (AUD).  You can get an up-to-the-minute exchange rate here, but to get an idea:

1 AUD = 1 USD (or very, very close)
1 AUD = 0.76€
1 AUD = £0.63


The auction will start from now and will finish midnight on 24 January. I am going to run it on France time, otherwise my brain will hurt. To make this easier for international visitors, I've put clock and calendar widgets on the right that show the date/time in France.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything, please ask if you have any questions.


All the fabrics used are commercial quilting cottons from my stash. I started this with the intention of using only scraps, but ended up cutting into lots of fresh yardage because I was just enjoying seeing it come together. And I only had to cut a teeny piece (surely it can't hurt).

Three of my Provence fabrics made it in, too, for those of you wanting a little bit of France on your wall:

Blue and yellow fleur de lis, one of the first fabrics I bought in France

Another little yellow flower? shape

More tiny flower motifs, this time in red (to the left there)

I am starting the bidding off at $20 on behalf of the mister, who is rather fond of the piece.

My brother has escaped relatively unscathed. They had water through the ground floor of their home, which they had built in to make a guest room. All the main living and sleeping areas upstairs are fine, and they have power, which is great. And of course, most importantly of all, they are all safe.

No word yet on our home from the agency we are renting it through, but we are holding firm to the 'no news is good news' adage!

Thinking of everyone in Brissie and the long, painful clean up they are about to undertake. 


Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

First bid at $20, courtesy of the mister

Selina said...

You're so awesome Kirsty! I'll get the ball rolling with $30.

Glad your family is all good. Is your house in an area that was flood affected? Hoping that's all good too.


michelle said...

kirsty i love this piece and would love to see it on the wall in my newly painted sewing room. with apologies to the mister i would like to bid $40.
i love the way you tell the story of your work with the gorgeous photos. i hope your brother and his family and your home are safe, along with all of the other queenslanders and new south welshmen. (that sounds very odd but i think thats what we are supposed to call them)

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Thanks Selina and Michelle for getting the ball rolling! Our home *should* be fine - it's just sucks being so far away and having to do it all second-hand, through others.

Pene said...

This is amazing Kirsty and to support your cause I would like to bid $45 for your lovely artwork.
Pene x

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

What a gorgeous piece of art!! Well done and I hope you fetch a great price for it. So very sorry to hear of your brother's house. It may be just the downstairs room, but that will still be very sad for them, expensive and hard work to sort out too. Best of luck that your house is dry and unaffected. We know people who have water in their homes too and it's just devastating. The clean up is going to be long and slow. Shame we are too far away to lend a helping hand.

Susan Snooks said...

Hi Kirsty, your work is lovely - as usual! I will make it $50.00, but I expect and hope it goes higher.

Maaike said...

How great of you to do this Kirsty! I am sorry to hear about your brothers' home, but luckily the family is all up and dry. It must be such a huge mess when the water gets down...

Marg said...

Hi Kirsty
Glad to hear your house is ok.
I'll make it $100.

Aidan said...

Oh, Kirsty. I've been watching on the news and have thought of you and then I came over and saw this. I can't touch the $100 at the moment but where can I send something nonetheless?

Lindy in Brisbane said...

Kirsty I would be happy to go check out your house for you if it's on my side of town (south). The authorities still don't want people doing non-urgent travel, but if it's not too far I'd be glad to do it. Sorry I can't afford to bid on your canvas, it's stunning!

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Aiden, you can still make a donation via the Appeal, every little bit helps! Thank you.

Link to Premier's Flood Relief Appeal

Thanks Lindy, you're a sweetheart. We're northside, but thanks so much for the offer anyway!

Jo Mc said...

Hey Miss K,

You are so clever! and I simply must have a piece of this action, hooray.

I bid $120.

My mum & dad, sis and aunt are all up there, too. My sister's fence was partially washed away and there were some other damages and leakages/power outages/no water issues for all of them, but they are fine on the whole, just so lucky.

The cleanup has begun in earnest and many people are still in evacuation centres, or living with family/friends.

Another way we can help is to donate books to a book appeal currently being run by Romance Writers of Australia.

Find the information here:

Books in new/near-new condition - something to help while away the hours when you're in a strange place, or because your entire book collection has been completely ruined.

Thanks so much for running this, Kirst - this is great!

Lisa said...

Hi, your canvas is just beautiful. I would love to bid but unfortunatley can't afford to.

It is just so lovely and vibrant that I am sure you will raise a lot of money from your auction.


Carli said...

$140 carliajeffrey(at)

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Ooooh,I love late bids. So exciting!

Thanks Carlia!

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Well, that's 9pm!

Congratulations Carli! I will be in contact (using above email) very soon.

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