Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Projects...

I ordered the fabric you see below right to make some more baby blankets for all those virile friends of mine who seem to be popping out wee ones left, right and centre.

Warning: gratuitous unfinished canvas photo opp.

The prints are all Riley Blake's - the bottom two are cotton from the All Star line (to go with the super soft chocolate minky you see in the middle). The top three are from his recent All Star 2 and the large dots are flannel. The top material was meant to be the binding, but as is my God-given right I've changed my mind and gone for a dark turquoise instead (like the one half star you can see poking out there).


I've been procrastinating on the bottom blanket after reading comments about how hard minky is to sew with, but after reading some hints here I'm ready to go. I just have to wait for it all to come out of the washing machine.

Another UFO awaiting some love is this quilt top made in Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush.


I'm going to back it in some flannel, which arrived a few weeks ago and also needs a spin in the washer.


I picked up a few Amy Butler Lotus fat quarters as well because there was still room in the flat rate envelope, and I like to make the most of my postage dollars (like I needed an excuse).


I wanted to pass on another way that people can help those who have been devastated by the recent floods in Australia.

Romance Writers of Australia is collecting new/near new books to distribute to those in need. Water and books don't go well together, so there are plenty of people out there who have lost the contents of their bookshelves. Not to mention those still languishing in emergency accommodation who could use a good book to escape into for a while.

So if you have some books that you're done with, or have no intention of reading (bad Christmas gifts anyone?) please consider donating them to the RWA Flooded Communities Book Appeal.

Thank you!


diana said...

This is way too much :D I just (as in 2h ago) finished some minky-style mini blankets. I can't wait to hear your story about working with minky so I can go order some :D.

I didn't use something *that* soft (it's supposed to be the softest, right?) but still pinned my self out...55 x 65 cm, counted 76 pins @-). Could have used more...

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Yep I like your thinking about the binding, it will stand out way more. Of course I adore all your fabrics once again! Loving those last two spotty ones particulary. Have fun with the quilt and I sure hope it is easy. Do you have a walking foot? That's got to make the job easier.

Maaike said...

Wow, gorgeous fabrics Kirsty! At my sewing class I heard about Amy Butler last week and now I see her fabrics here... I will go and check out her site!
Love, Maaike

michelle said...

once again, love your fabric choices. i will be so interested to see and hear how you and the minky get along. i have used similar fleece to back quilts in the past with mixed results but i am no where near as neat and precise as you. good luck and enjoy

Selina said...

Love those fabrics together! Minkee's not too hard to work with, lots of pins, nice sharp needle (I've found a denim needle works best) and don't go slow! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Elizabeth said...

I doesn't seem like my e-mails are getting through. :( Just wanted to confirm that C&T has your address and is sending another copy of the book. It may take a couple of weeks to reach France, but it's on the way! :)

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Thanks so much Elizabeth, really looking forward to getting my mitts on it. And thanks for persisting despite the email problems.

Maaike said...

Hi Kirsty, your comment on creJJtion about the wood pile made me laugh all day, hahaha! I cannot help but picture you directing the husband to unpack and repack your pile of wood... I will tell my brother about it.
Love, Maaike

Aidan said...

I love the flannel on top. And the lotus prints are really pretty too. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Eva said...

Wow, you've been busy! I love the baby quilts you showed on the weekend and the fabrics for the new ones. That minky stuff looks cozy, but a bit tricky, I'm curious how it'll behave. And that Innocent Crush quilt? CAN'T WAIT to see how it'll turn out! And backing it in flannel is a great idea. I love the quality and snugglyness of those flannels!

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