Saturday, May 19, 2012

Provence Poppies

Man, I love poppies.

Vibrant, happy, but so very delicate. They don't last more than a few weeks before they start to fade or shrivel from the sun - but while they're here they sure know how to live it up.

The mister spotted a gorgeous field full of poppies near Rognes in the Luberon Valley but I haven't been able to get out there. Now I fear they will be well past their prime.

These pictures were taken last night in a field just around the corner from us.

They look so cute popping up between the ears of wheat, although a field of nothing but poppies would look better. Bloody farmers, so inconsiderate (she says, munching on a wheat-filled baguette).

One of my oldest and dearest friends is here visiting - she arrived this morning. It was a sort of late notice trip and she's such a busy girl that sometimes these things don't come off, so I'm really excited to have her all to myself for 2 whole weeks. Yippee!

I have a whirlwind of activities designed to show off the beauty of this little corner of France. And we're going to have a girls' weekend in Monaco next week! Yay!! More exclamation marks!!!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend with someone you love,
A bientôt! 


  1. Your pictures constantly take my breath away. And I so love your descriptions as you lead me through so many places I will most likely never see in person. Thank you for the lovely ride!

    1. Thank you Sharon. It's a lot cheaper this way too!
      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. When I first saw this post title I thought it said Provence PUPPIES!! Poppies are a lot more low maintenance and these are all beautiful. Our best friends just left after a too short visit. Have great time with yours.

  3. I love poppies too! They are so bold and brilliant... A bit like you! What is the sweet purple 'flower' in the right hand photo? Happy times with your best friend!!!

  4. Poppies . .love them . . I nearly called one of my daughters . .Poppy . .but thought it a bit twee . . and I've regretted it ever since.
    Your photos are divine as always.
    Have fun . . the sisterhood of girlfriends in Monaco . .(what happens in Monaco STAYS in Monaco!)

  5. Love fields of poppies, but I never seem to have one and my camera and me all in the same place at the same time *sigh*

  6. For me a field of poppies is one of the most beautiful sights ever, thank you for sharing you photos.....their beauty has made my day!

  7. Your photographs are just splendid. I feel like I'm there in the French country side and strolling through the villages. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your adventures. Connie :)

  8. Poppies are beautiful, as are your pics! :-) I've always loved wildflowers and poppies are among my favourite. The red and black contrast, the shape and the silky fragile petals ...

  9. I like those poppies too and your photography skills are great. Now I need to take an allergy pill just looking at all the wheat blowing in the breeze

  10. I've mentioned before...I love poppies too. Beautiful pictures as always Kirsty. HAve a great weekend and an even better trip to Monaco. (lucky bugger)!

  11. I love poppies too. When I was a little girl in the fields of wheat there where not only poppies but cornflowers too. Where have they disapperaed?
    Great pictures by the way.

  12. Seeing poppies reminds me of my Grandparents. They belonged to the VFW(Veterans of Foreign Wars)and would sell plastic poppies as a fund raiser once a year. My Grandmother always gave me one for free.
    Thanks for the memory.
    Magical Photos!


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