Monday, May 7, 2012

Home Sweet Home.

We are a family that loves to travel but we also love to come home again. There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed, eating in your own kitchen and knowing that the hair you find in the shower is from your own head. Amen.

Much like last year's Spring Trip, we covered a lot of ground in the car. We zoomed up to Paris, then across to Normandy (plus a teeny bit of Brittany) and came back home via the Loire Valley. Despite the weather's best efforts to thwart us, we had a really good time.

En route I got to meet the very lovely Nicky, who blogs at Growing Berries. She had us over for dinner (she has four kids too so it was a biiiiig meal), she let me poke through her fabric stash and test out her Bernina. Talk about a great visit, I even got to meet her Mum.

And look what she gave me:


Isn't it gorgeous? It has Jersey lavender inside so it smells wonderful every time I stab it. Woohoo, I love it! Thanks Nicky.

When we came home I had a parcel waiting for me too, from Krista at PoppyPrint. She sent me a thread catcher/pincushion she'd made - which is something I've been needing for a while but have been too lazy to make.

Catcher in action, such a great idea. Thanks Krista, you're a champ.

Krista also included a sweet collection of fabric perfect for a mum with small kids.

I think I need a badge making machine. Look at those bears.

My one and overcrowded (and old) pin cushion which was leaking stuffing from one corner is gone.


I now have my pins in Nicky's cushion and my 'I'm not dead yet' machine needles in Krista's cushion. I am now so organised it's scary. Yay!

I had a break from sewing while we were away. I didn't even take a small hand sewing project so I'm raring to get back into it. The question is what to do next?

Have you seen the QuiltCon Block Challenge?

Oh how I love the colours.

What about the Summer Sewing Contest over at Ellison Lane Quilts?

Do you know of any other good contests out there? Sometimes being told what I have to make is good for me - stops me vacillating and makes me focus. Not to mention getting me to try new things.

I have a few small projects to finish up - these two need some matching perle cotton.


I'd also like to get into some clothes sewing for spring. I've something planned for the whole family from boxer shorts to spring tops.


All I need now are those extra three hours in a day. If they could be slotted in after the kids are asleep I'd be most grateful.

Have a great week everyone!


Eva said...

Hello, so nice to hear you're back and had a good time! :-) Really great presents, so pretty AND useful! It looks like there's a lot to look forward to in the near future when it comes to projects, the sneak peeks look great!

I don't know about any contests, but if I didn't have too many projects in line already, I'd probably join the patchwork prism quilt-along ... said...

I have enjoyed following you along on your travels and now your sewing projects are so fun. I love that blue and linen project. How did you cut the rounded corners and what will it end up to be?

blandina said...

Well, only very few friends would be allowed to poke into my fabric stash, and even fewer would graduate into testing my sewing machine, so I guess that you are a VERY VERY CLOSE friend of Nicky!
I love the thread catcher, such a great idea.
Welcome home, I missed your posts.

Nicola said...

Well, you have given the plump Paris pincusion the gold star treatment with your photographs. So glad, it's coming in handy. It was such a pleasure to have you visit. Wish you lived closer, but being 'online neighbours' is the next best thing. Hope you have time to write some travel posts in amongst all that sewing!

Susan said...

Welcome home! Your plans are coming together nicely! The two new pincushions are wonderful! And I love the turquoise squares project!

Salley said...

Pin cushion perfection!.... oh to be stabbed and bleed sweet smelling lavender...

Marg said...
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Marg said...

Oops I didn't check my comment.
Welcome back and so good to hear you had a very nice time.
It sounds like you are going to hit the ground running with some great new projects and finishing off some older ones, I really like the blue/linen one.
Aren't you a lucky girl receiving a couple of very nice presents.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh it's gorgeous, everything, the colour is wonderful. Just popped over to Nicky's blog, yay, another mum with lots of daughters. Love Posie

Sara Louise said...

And now that you're back, I hope you're getting ready for The LPV. I'm getting it ready for you! x

midge said...

that pin cushion/thread catcher is one of the best things i have EVER seen. I so need one for cosy corner. I'm always losing scissors, sitting on pins and have tumbleweed size balls of thread offcuts all over the chair. GRRRR

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