Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lovely Lacoste in the Luberon Valley

As I churn through the laundry after our Spring Trip, here's a post on what we got up to on Easter Friday.

I had the mister almost to myself (only two kids at home) so we decided to take a quick day trip to Lacoste.


They don't make the polo shirts with the little crocodiles on them there. I know you were wondering (because I did too).

We drove through flowering fruit orchards en route:


And we could look across and see beautiful Bonnieux across the way:


Lacoste's population apparently doubles in the high season but it was still nice and quiet the day we visited.

First up was lunch. No surprises there.

You can just make out the mister and the baby on the balcony of the little restaurant where we ate (the set menu, very nice).


Dessert was the only thing I remembered to photograph (too busy scoffing), tarte au citron:


And this simple but to-die-for dish: a bowl of faisselle (fresh, soft, creamy goat's cheese) served with a jar of lavender honey which you spoon on yourself. A. maze. ing.


When the dessert menu blows our mind we always share them both - no dessert envy that way.


While the mister sorted out the bill, the 2 year old and I had a quick sticky-beak in the church:


This one was a very different style to what I am used to, but none the less gorgeous.

And of course there was a chandelier, so I was happy.

Listing starboard, captain

Dark clouds were starting to gather but we pushed on up the hill into the old village.


Through this gate:


Through cobblestone streets which we adore but are hard going on the baby in his pram (he was shaken, not stirred by the time we reached the top).


Looming over the town is the famed castle that was once home to the Marquis de Sade.


That Marquis was one sick puppy - his name is the origin of the word sadism.

If you're ever upset over the boy your daughter brings home, spare a thought for the Marquis' wife's dad. Wonder how he felt after reading his son-in-law's erotic fiction?


The castle has seen better days, although it's now owned by fashionista Pierre Cardin and hosts various cultural events.

The views across the valley are fabulous.


There are several sculptures in the Marquis' front yard - I didn't get the names as it was starting to rain by this point.

Man in a tree

Arms wide open

The Marquis himself (who spent a lot of time in prison due to his depravity)

By this stage we were getting wet and it was time to fetch the older kids from school, so back down the hill we went.


We were a little rushed at the end due to our long lunch (we are becoming more French with every meal we eat) but it was still a great day.


This lovely town gets two thumbs up from us. Get thee to Lacoste!


Oh, and this was seen on the way home. No idea whose it is, but isn't it grand? (I especially love the two donkeys you can just make out on the top lawn terrace. Hope they're hungry.)



deedee said...

I love the listing chandelier. And I think the donkeys are in Lauris. How do you get your husband to share dessert? I need to know that one :)

elsy said...

what a fab day......we passed lacoste a few years ago.....why didnt we visit?....maybe the pool beckoned for the are lucky to have this on your doorstep!

Susan Snooks said...

So much to take in...the Maxims plate, the fabulous garnish with the lemon tart, the purple violets, the amazing sculptures! And you had the town to your self again! Stunning!

Betty said...

Oooh's and aahhh's all around here!
Reading (well, reading)your blog is like going on a small holiday yourself
Thank you!
I loved every picture.
The statue "arms wide open" reminds me of the book "I love you this much"

verobirdie said...

I never understood that stuff about the Marquis de Sade. i read some exerpts of hs books, it is not erotism, it is pure torture, and merchandizing of human beings. How can it be called "free spirit" or "free mind" (i don't know how you would translate " libre penseur". Anyway, the village is beautiful.

Nicola said...

Don't you love how 'just' two kids seems like a holiday?! Another gorgeous post to tempt us down south.

Mem said...

Very lovely tour of Lacoste...thank you!

Sharon said...

Gorgeous photography (as usual) - thank you

Katy Cameron said...

Oh I do love the Provencal villages perched atop hills (and there are plenty of them lol) Good food recommendations are always appreciated, so noting that down for next summer...

Sara Louise said...

Only you would think of the Marquis' father-in-law! Poor, poor man.
I do hope The LPV doesn't disappoint. We don't hold a candle to Lacoste, but I'm sure Honey's Honey will give the other honey a run for it's money (do you see what I did there? I rhymed). x

Veronica said...

The deserts look so scrumptious!

Love those cobblestone streets. I had to smile at your shaken not stirred comment.

Speaking of chandeliers, I was reading my friend's blog today and immediately thought of you when I saw this pic


Marg said...

Chandelier. I'm happy too.!!!!!!

AL said...

It isn't hard to understand why places like this would be so popular. It is delightful in every way, and yet again (!) you have me hankering after a trip to La Belle France. In some ways it reminds me of the village they filmed 'Chocolat' (that was Flavigny-sur-Ozerain in Bourgogne). Hmmm...I would need to have more people along to make sure that I could sample all of the desserts. Fab set of pictures again, and I'm jealous Kirsty.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

What a lovely excursion you have treated us to! The photos really give a sense of the small town and the elevations. Every turn and each path are movie-set worthy!

So glad that Nicky and you have met... we adored little Florence on our brief meeting in Parc Monceau.


Fat Dormouse said...

What wonderful photographs! We spent a lovely holiday in the Luberon, visiting beautiful villages, and I remember Lacoste well. We enjoyed a simple but delicious meal at the old Station Café in Bonnieux. Thankyou for the memories!

Salley said...

Will you ever be able to leave this picturesque amazing place?
Such a gorgeous blog post...thankyou!

Delana@dujour said...

Gorgeous photos as usual. I haven't been there yet and it's just so darned close! Soon. Thanks for the little trip, Kirsty

blandina said...

Lovely, lovely pictures, every time I feel the impulse to go back to Provence and follow your steps (desserts included).

Aidan said...

What a great idea. I am going to steal it and make P-Daddy take me on a road trip for a day. The kids won't mind.
I'd like to have a look inside that chateau.

Unknown said...


My wife reads is into crochet and reads your blog, we are originally from England but not live in the centre of France, we are on holiday in Provence and went to lacoste after reading your post - we were not disappointed it is a really great place. We have found places very busy compared to where we live so it was great to go somewhere quiet and calm as well as beautiful.


Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

That's wonderful Jon. I'm so glad you had a lovely time in Lacoste and that you found my post helpful. Enjoy your travels!

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