Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cogne, Italy

Well, I've been burning the midnight oil trying to finish my quilt for the Tangerine Tango Challenge, but it's just not gonna happen. I have no tangerine thread. And I'm tired. But mostly it's because of the thread.

So instead of showing you a new quilt how about some photos of Cogne, Italy from our ski trip?

Cogne is three kilometres away from Valnontey so we decided to walk there for lunch one day.


The scenery on the way was gorgeous.


It'd been snowing and the roads hadn't yet been cleared, so we just pulled the lazy 2 yr old there on a toboggan.


We had a look around the small town which has that almost kitschy alpine feel (in a good way).


The local church:


More chandelier action:


Then we got down to the serious business of lunch. Given we were eating three course meals every night we tried to keep the lunches fairly low key.


We found a bar/cafĂ© and had warm paninis.


And some of the thickest, richest hot chocolate ever made. Like a bar of chocolate melted into a teacup. Yum.


The alpine kitsch continued with hand-stitched reindeer on the curtains and these fabric panels: (The older I get the more I love kitsch; it always makes me smile. Then I thank God it's not in my house because I like my kitsch in small doses.)

Aerial skiing in a skirt: hardcore.

The walk home was all uphill - necessary after the hot chocolates.

We passed this on the way back - an outdoor snow play park. I'm sure you can imagine the reaction from the kids, which is why we had to come back another afternoon that week.


But with surrounds like this, it was no hardship.


So that was Cogne.

And now it's the weekend, how good is that?
Hope you all have a wonderful one!
Bisous x


Poppyprint said...

Oh my, the skiing in skirt is too much! Hilarious. I love it that you made your kids march 6 km for hot chocolate. Looks like it was a beautiful way to spend a snowy day. Hey, I saw some chandelier fabric in my online fabric fantasy shop the other day...might have been at Just sayin'

Susan Snooks said...

Love the fabric panel - the headgear on that lady is pretty special too! Thanks for sharing a little of Cogne, and your wonderful family!

Katy Cameron said...

Looks like so much fun, especially that snow play park, hope you got to bounce too :oD

Marg said...

Love the look on the little one's face!
Is there anywhere you go that doesn't have chandeliers?
That snow park looks like great fun for the kids, it would be great if they had one for big kids too!

Lady Demelza said...

The snow is so beautiful I could just cry!

Maaike said...

What a beautiful tour Kirsty. And so lovely to see you all together at the lunch table and mr. H in the front :) he seems the most relaxed baby.

Enjoy your weekend and the tangerine thread will come.


Katherine said...

Amazing photos, Kirsty. Like postcards. I'm seriously wishing for a cup of that hot chocolate you teased us with. ;o)

PS. If it helps, you're not the only one unable to complete a quilt in time for the TT challenge... we should've got together... I've got the tangerine thread... but was unable to get the fabric I needed in time to finish. Oh, well.

deedee said...

What a lovely village. We are off for a weel of skiing, but I'm rather pesimistic on the presence of actual snow. We'll hike and drink hot chocolates instead :)

Aidan said...

I love the one with the green fence and 2 year old being pulled along. And you guys having lunch with the big, blue eyes staring up at us, plus! the skirted skier and view from the cafe window. Stunning. looks like you handled that snow photography pretty darn well my friend.
aidan xo

Eva said...

Again, such amazing photographs! They really capture the atmosphere of what seems to have been a lovely day out! :-) Your little one has grown so much! Cute cuddly guy!!!

That kitsch panel?! I agree, I wouldn't want it in our home, but those "flying" skiers really are something! :-D

AL said...

Once again you have me hankering after some cold and snow. The scenery is just beautiful and you've given us some great 'postcards' from Cogne. And a little kitsch is OK I guess!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh me likey the alpine kitsch, new movement?? Don't know where to start, the snow on the baubles, the tapestry alpine skiing, thick hot chocolates & look at that beautiful baby of yours, in that "what's going on behind me, i'm wedged in" look.
My last baby was the only winter one i had (raised in Sydney, not Darwin) & i loved his big padded hooded jackets, with arms sticking straight out, he was snug & i was very happy to finally be able to layer a child.
So picturesque, wow, how do you limit it to so few glorious images. My favourite is that enromous arched window, gorgeous. Is it just because snow is still a novelty - as you seem to be the only 'locals' out & about. Love Posie

Virginia said...

Kirsty, I love your photos! The one of your son at the window is my fav but the baby on the sofa still has me smiling. Thank you for taking us all along on your adventures.
Bon weekend,

Jenny M said...

So enjoy seeing your travel photos...especially as i am sitting in front of my screen at work..pretending to be busy! (but not to worry, the boss is also my hubby)

Sara Louise said...

Super thick hot chocolate and a snow play park... I bet the kids were in heaven! x

Christine @ said...

Oh, nice! Here in California we have been robbed of our winter. I would so love to see some snow!!!!!

Athena said...

Found you at Sew Many ways - Stopping in from TheStuffofSuccess. Feel free to stop in and say hello. I am also your newest follower. Thanks and have a great week. Athena

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