Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nom, nom, nom.

Not much to report here - my basting spray's arrived so I'm flat out quilting. Yippee!

We did finally go out this weekend to celebrate my birthday (competing social events, babysitter booked out - you know how it is). A friend from Australia happened to be visiting with work at the same time so we extended an invitation to him too.

We ate at L'Épicurien in Aix-en-Provence and really enjoyed it. Make sure you book though - the place is small and very popular.


The food was très miam miam and the staff were attentive and helpful. (Normally I'm too embarrassed to take photos of my food, but I had a fairly tucked-away seat this time so I snapped away.)

The boys started with a Pastis apero (aniseed flavoured).

Because we are little piggies, we had the three course meal like we usually do.

Entrée was goat's cheese rounds breaded and fried:


For main the mister had the fish, which had the most delish creamy, Asian flavours sauce:


I had the roast pork and it was amazing - super tender:


Dessert was, in my opinion, the absolute best. A cardamom panna cotta with mango coulis on top. Out of this world.  Does anyone know a good panna cotta recipe because I just have to try and recreate this.


We took a short stroll after the meal.


Remember the boar in Place Richelme? Turns out he likes to party hard too:


We had to go up and see the balcony of the little studio apartment our friend was in for the night - he stayed directly across from the mairie (Town Hall).


You could throw a stone at the clock tower (I didn't though).

A great place to sit and sip a quiet drink, if you're that way inclined.


And the lights change colour every half minute or so...pretty.


Wasn't the moon obliging? How about pink:


Right, back to the quilting. Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Fortunately I read this at 2am, so too early to fancy roast pork or pannacotta for breakfast. The food looks and sounds fabulous. What a lovely view from the window. I hope there were blockout curtains.

  2. What a wonderful meal! It makes me want to go back to France...

    Have fun quilting. Can't wait to see what you make!

    Jennifer :)

  3. Wow that's proper fancy food! I have never been served a plate of food like that. Bet it tasted even better too. Huge Happy Birthday to you Kirsty!!! Hope it's a great year. Have fun with the quilting, can't wait to see whatever it is.

  4. Oh, my favorite fish! When I go home my mum treats me with "Raie au beurre noir"....Delicieux! I swear that boar must travel a lot: I saw him last when I petted him on the market place in Florence, Italy.
    Happy belated birthday Kirsty! Mieux vaut tard que jamais....

    1. Yes, that's the one. I had to look it up - it's called skate in English. The boar certainly does get around - he's a jet setter and a party animal!

  5. Ah another wonderful post! The clock tower bathed in pink is like something out of a fairy tale! And the food- crumbed and fried goats cheese, the pork (belly?), and the pannacotta! Yum, yum, alright!! I will ask my son about a recipe? Thank you for this happy birthday post!!!

  6. Happy, happy belated birthday to you Kirsty! Seems it was worth the wait. Amazing food! Enjoying the wonderful photos of your beautiful town, as usual. Such a stunning place to live. How will you cope returning to Australia?! I know it has beauty of a different sort, but I am sure envious of yours right now! Listening to lots of Coeur de Pirate over here with the kids - your fault, all started with your v funny clip :) Love to you, Ros x

  7. I like to take pictures of the food too if no one's looking. My kids think I'm ridiculous!! All looks delicious. Happy quilting!

  8. Ah! The 'boys' have fine tastes drinking favourite! Looks like another great time out and the food looks wonderful.

  9. Good thing your basting spray finally arrived!!! It really looks like a wonderful night out celebrating your birthday! Good food, good company, beautiful city! :-)

    I'm wondering what that guy on the boar was shouting ... :-D

  10. Great food! Really yummie.
    I wonder why we don't start with our desserts?
    I'm fat anyway.
    And great company I trust.
    Happy birthday (better late than never)!!!

  11. C'est tres romantique, Kirsty. And you wish you had a Macro????? I think your photography skills are superbe.
    And I loved the little tooth pillow.... you have to make a different one, for each of your enfants now! .......has the tooth wiggled free yet?

  12. Great picture of a yummy meal, the panna cotta seems fantastic. I have a recipe somewhere, i will mail it to you (after all panna cotta is Italian).
    The boar made me smile, I remember your children and the one we have in Florence.

  13. If you could try and recreate that panacotta recipe for the Saturday I'm over, that would be fantastic. Just a thought. x

  14. I read your blog at work, but for security reasons, the photos are blocked. This is so much better with photos! (I'm at home this morning :) I tried to go to that restaurant for my birthday but they were full. I'll try again, soon.

  15. I just found your blog and want to hop on a plane right now. I have been to Aix and loved it. My mouth was watering just reading about your delish dinner. I will go back in your archives when I have more time. Looks like a beautiful blog and one I will surely enjoy.

  16. Will you take me to that resto next time? It looks so good. I could eat about one hundred of those starters! And I'm on the panna cotta. Stand by.
    aidan xo

  17. A belated birthday wish to you! What a wonderful celebration with delicious fare. I have been taking photos of food my whole life and it matters not where I am... pretty audacious in that way. Well, let me say that I would not take photos as a guest in someone's home without asking first, hehehe.

    The view from the balcony is memorable and I love the pink!



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