Friday, March 23, 2012

An afternoon in Cucuron

After a morning spent exploring Silvacane Abbey near La Roque d'Antheron we headed to the nearby village of Cucuron for lunch.


Cucuron is another village with medieval roots, located in the south of the Luberon Valley.


We parked near the Étang, the large walled-in pond in the centre of the village:

Interesting fact: this is where Russell Crowe took Marion Cotillard for a music-dinner date in the Provence-set movie A Good Year.

We had a great feed of galettes (buckwheat crêpes) washed down with a Breton beer (except for the kids, who had whiskey). Then we took a walk around inside the ramparts.


Lots of lovely colour courtesy of the windows.


We also found the village church - Notre Dame de Beaulieu:


Built in the 13th century with a very different design aesthetic to Silvacane Abbey.


We walked up to the St Michel tower:


The views over the village rooftops were lovely - especially with the early spring blossoms.


More beautiful details to admire on the way back down.


Not to mention this lovingly maintained beast. Any Royal Enfield buffs out there? Is this a replica? (I love those leather seats.)


Cucuron really is charming and just the right size for an afternoon of leisurely exploration.


And here we are at Friday again. Must be French video time.

So, this happened in 2003. Why doesn't anyone tell me about these things??

Have a great weekend, Bright Eyes!


Marg said...

Whiskey straight, on the rocks or with coke? You need to add details!!!!!
I thought the lovingly maintained beast was the cat.
Gorgeous photos as always and good to see you added a chandelier today.
Love the shutters.

Salley said...

Need blue shutters for the door you are sending.
I thought the beast was the cat too!

DianeY said...

You crack me up when you put little snippets in & pass right thru them! What kind of whiskey & did they drink it with ice?
I know a lot of the reviews weren't great, but I liked A Good Year & remember that seen well! Fun to see the location!

DianeY said...

I really know how to spell! I meant scene!

deedee said...

Did you eat at "La Petite Maison"? I love that place, but I want to try the restaurant next door, too.

Nicola said...

It looks like a lovely place to visit and I loved that movie too!

Delana@dujour said...

They have the best vide grenier in Cuceron. I bought a great trunk there last year for peanuts. And nothing more charming than a vide grenier around the etang! Have a great weekend, Kirsty!

Eva said...

Seems like the kids have a good taste in beverages! ;-) Your pictures are all so lovely, I especially love all those beautiful window scenes and the cat, of course! :-) I always used to say that Bonnie Tyler was just a female Meat Loaf (nothing to do with her looks, mind!) until I was told they have the same songwriter! That video is really funny! Aren't videos that make no sense the best?! 2003 is no excuse for those streaky red highlights, though ... :-P said...

Hi Kristie. My husband and I are seriously considering moving to France or Belgium for a year. We are just short of retirement age and want a wonderful adventure. Can you give me any details about how to go about this. Why are you and your family living there. You can email me with the answers and any advise you might have. I love your blog and it makes me ache for this adventure.

AL said...

Kirsty! Oh Kirsty! WHAT are you trying to do to me? I'm only just getting over the last post with that magnificent architecture and here you go again. Cucuron looks like my kind of place (as always) and yet another one to add to my bucket list. Fabulous pictures and I love the way you have really given us a feel for this palce with those shuttered windows, small splashes of colour from the spring flowers, le chat, an insight into your children's pending alcoholism, and the ancient village and the eglise. Simply wonderful.

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