Monday, September 12, 2011

Afternoon in Aix

Saturday we called in the babysitter so that the mister, the baby and I could have lunch together in Aix-en-Provence.


It always makes me smile to think back to the days when we only had one child and how hard we thought it was to go anywhere and do anything. Ha. Ha, ha, ha, ha.


Now we have four kids and going out with just one, a newborn (who'd rather sleep than run in front of cars) at that, is sooo easy. Pram? check. Change bag? check. Boobs? check. Let's go!

I took my boys to the café/restaurant where Susan, her hubby and I had great coffee the week before the baby was born. The meals were delicious, although more expensive than I'd expected.

I had the slow-cooked shoulder of lamb with cous-cous:


The mister had duck with a goat's cheese and fig filo and asian salad.

The baby, predictably, had milk. Again.

Meal envy: I had it. Mine was great but his was amazing.

But I won the dessert round with my tarte au citron:


After the meal we went for little wander, as we are wont to do.

Just around the corner was the Hôtel de Cormis:


The door is from the late 17th century:


In fact doorways seemed to jump out at me everywhere.


Not to mention all these interesting keyholes, door knockers and knobs.

Hôtel de Theron, 1735.


Ah yes. Knockers and knobs.

A bit of window shopping:


Evil biscuit shop with gravitational pull.

Scary mannequin.

The mister was holding the baby against his chest as we headed back to the car. I walked about 5m behind him and could see the facial expressions of those walking past him.

A man with a baby trumps a man with a puppy any day. The mister could've come home with a dozen hot French women and at least one gay couple.

Just as well the mister wasn't paying any attention; it would've been hard explaining that to the babysitter.


**Anne** said...

Wow Kirsty, what a gorgeous post. Beautiful photos, yummy food!! Those doors are something else areb't they?! I'd be hard pressed not to bang the knockers and peep through the keyholes. I'm sure it's not the done thing. The buildings look gorgeous, all that detail, shutters and wrought iron. Swoon.
Thanks for sharing and have a great week,
Anne xx

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

The doors and architecture are outstanding in details and patina... loved the food porn, miam-miam!

I hope that you bought the blue suede boots and that you ran away from that horror-film manequin!

Regarding those drooling over your husband... any nanny material there?


Maaike said...

Kirsty, you are the best. Another fab story and beautiful pictures. I am a big fan!

Love, Maaike

Jenny M said...

What a bad time to read your post, just when I am sitting at my office desk ready to tuck into a BORING tuna & salad sandwich! Love the doors, doorknockers & keyhole photos.

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Sorry Jenny. Tuna is like duck, isn't it? Kinda, sorta?

Carolyn said...

Mmmm... tarte au citron, my very favourite dessert!!!

Susan said...

Thanks for the wonderful memories and great food photos! Ah- menu envy! When we choose a new cafe for breakfast after a ride, there is generally at least one case of food envy!! Fabulous door, knobs and knockers!

Veronica said...

Beautiful collection of doors and doorknobs. I see some even had multiple key holes in them! Gosh, the photos of your meals are making me hungry. And it's barely 11am here.

diana said...

Aren't the boobs the greatest thing ever? :))) I love how, once you realise, having a new-born with you, and the boobs :D, keeps everything soo simple :)

Lovely photos, as always!

Eva said...

This looks like such a great afternoon (scary shoes and mannequins aside)! :-) I love your pics of doors and windows, so pretty, always!

It must have been funny to spy on people's expressions! A bit unfair, men get all the "aaawww"-factor when it comes to holding babies ...

Nicola said...

I haven't stopped thinking about that cafe since you last posted about it! It's going on my must visit list while we are in France. And yes, fourth babies, sooo easy ;)

michelle said...

another fabulous breakfast read, merci

Aidan said...

you naughty girl, knockers and knobs!
the lunch looks marvelous. can we go there for the next blogapalooza?
aidan x

Virginia said...

You have put my photos to shame. I 'm in love with every single one of these! Bravo!

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