Thursday, September 8, 2011

La Rentrée, Again

It's back to school again, this summer has gone far too quickly for my liking. At least we're still enjoying gorgeous weather.

We had our neighbours around to meet the new baby. I thought about baking something for about, oh, 3.7 seconds, before I headed down to our local patisserie:


There's no way I can compete with this:


The baby also got another lovely package in the mail this week:

Pages from an old children's book = clever wrapping

Some darling handmade items all the way from home.

Thank you so much Michelle.

Honestly, could they be any cuter? Look at those teeny weeny carrots.


And they're reversible.


I was lucky enough to win the Accuquilt giveaway on Lisa and Sarah's blog A Spoonful of Sugar a few weeks ago - my loot arrived this week as well:


I'm being strong and not opening the box until I finish off my current little project:


A new cushion cover. A very yellow cushion cover.


And because we haven't had any French music for a while, here's a song by Mika I'm hearing everywhere this end-of-summer. I challenge you not to dance around your living room as you listen.

The lady in red is a well known French actress, Fanny Ardent. She's gorgeous and has that French je ne sais quoi by the bucketload.

I also love the grey haired, bearded character you first see shaving. He has some banging dance moves; the hips don't lie.

Hope you're all having a great week!

P.S. For those who like to watch men speaking French, here's a link to a Mika introducing the song. He's as cute as a button.


Maaike said...

Hi Kirsty, those little bunnys are the cutest! Your baby is very lucky to have them.

And the new Mika song is nice, I like it, heard it for the first time!

Love, Maaike

DianeY said...

Last week my daughter invited me to go to Barcelona with her in November-she has a conference to attend. I said whipee! I know just where to start my travel research & even forwarded your links! I enjoyed it when you wrote it, but now I really have to thank you for all the information and links you provided! It was super & I'm looking forward to it immensely!
Lucky you to win a GO! I keep trying!

French Girl in Seattle said...

Lovely baby gifts. Thank you for the song. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful and elegante Fanny Ardant, a favorite actress of mine. She is timeless. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

**Anne** said...

WOW, that tart? from the patisserie looks divine. Is this what I can expect when I visit France next year? I'll look like the side of a house by the time I get home.
I love those little shoes/slippers for your baby. So very, very cute.
Thanks for posting the Mika clip. I love his music, just can't understand the French although I'll get Miss G. who is doing VCE French to translate for me. Ha, wishful thinking.
Anne xx

blandina said...

What an enjoyable post! First the cake, delicious even to look at, then those little clever shoes that Michelle made for le petit.
The yellow fabrics are goergeous, I am curious to see what you will be coming up with.
The clip is very clever, I found myself dancing on the chair, Fanny Ardant has always been a favourite of mine, and the haired character makes me dream...

Susan said...

Another happy post on a grey Melbourne day (we've had a couple of Spring-false- starts)! Love the little shoes and your new cushion cover- a bit of sunshine on a cloudy day! And the video clip was fun too! Happy days!

diana said...

Get out of here! You won a cutter? Get out of here! :)))) I think I might hate you a little now :D :D :D

michelle said...

so glad the shoes arrived safely. lucky old you winning the cutter. brilliant

Ele said...

The little shoes are so lovely!

The cutter looks fab!

I have a feeling I'm going to be singing 'pourquoi tu gâches ta vie' all day today... :)

Marg said...

Woo hoo winning a Go Cutter, yay Kirsty!
Those shoes are just so darn cute and I love the Australiana bib. Lapin is always going to make me think of George though!
Yumm what a beautiful tart.
Love the colours of your new cushion cover.
Mika certainly has some catchy tunes, thanks for sharing that one.

Sewandthecity said...

Wow, what a beautiful pair of baby shoes...the embroidered rabbit and the carrots are so cute! What a nice friend you have!

diana said...

Ok, I came back to say it again: you won a acuqilt cutter! Get out of here! [elaine's get-out-of-here]

diana said...

from 504 comments

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Precious booties for the little one and I love the photo with your bright yellow "quilt in progress."

What a happy video and Mika's introduction is charming... cute when he says at the end... "check eet out"


Ali said...

I love all those yellows! And that dessert looks yummy. :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your handmade baby gifts - so special! Your yellow project looks so fresh and bright - can't wait to see more.

Hope you enjoy your Go! Baby :-)

Eva said...

The cake looks delicious and the slippers are so cute! :-) I don't even know what an Accu Quilt does ... I think I have to look that up! :-D The yellow patchwork looks great! So cheerful!

Lauren said...

Can't wait to see what you make with your Go! Baby. It'll be gorgeous like the rest of your creations. The baby gifts and tart/cake (including the box it came in) are pretty impressive too.

Poppyprint said...

haha, I just love that Elle me Dit video. My daughter's in French Immersion and that is currently #1 on their class pop chart. The guy serenading the cactus is my fav.

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