Monday, September 19, 2011

Bits and Bobs

Howdy everyone! Just popping in to pass on a few links; some important, some more for fun.

If you've been following the news you'll know Texas is in a spot of trouble at the moment. They always say Texans do it bigger, and unfortunately these brushfires are no exception.

A site with some great t-shirts to support the relief effort can be found here (Thanks Aidan for the link).

And if you are in the US and one of my quilty-type readers, quilt donations for those who have lost everything are being organised through the Modern Day Quilts blog.

I forgot to mention last month that my bunting lantern tutorial made it into Plumetis online magazine. I was so happy to discover this beautiful little French e-zine - you can find it and their blog over here.

And finally, I wanted to link up to Susan's fabric party over at PatchworknPlay (sorry I'm a bit late Suz).

I don't really have a favourite fabric, I love 'em all (this is my problem).  But I'll show you (again) one of my favourite French fabrics that I've bought since arriving here:


Found at the Aix-en-Provence weekend market, this light canvas is 100% cotton and was a steal at 10€/m. It's very girly which is unusual for my tastes and probably explains why I can't think of what to do with it. Other than look at it and stroke it occasionally.

More French fabric that needs to be sewn (I know what I'm doing with these though):


For those with a fabric fetish, pop over to Susan's for a look around!

Next post: that darn yellow cushion.


BailiwickStudio said...

I'm loving those three grey fabrics above - may I ask where they were purchased (and hopefully there's a website?). Or, do you ever take orders and ship to the US? Really, I'm serious! ::Jill

Marg said...

Oooh I love the first fabric, I'd not only be stroking it, I'd be rolling around in it. Love the others too, a gorgeous range of colours.
Congratulations on having your tutorial published. I love that bunting lantern.
I hope the weather improves soon in Texas, and they can get the fires under control.

Susan said...

Oh Kirstie- that favourite fabric is to die for!!!! Sigh....If you can't decide what to make from it, I'd gladly take it (steal) off your hands! The last bundle match the mauve one I bought when we were in the shop together! Thanks for stopping by our linky party! Can I get you a glass of bubbles?

Catherine said...

Oh my I can see why you love that first french fabric! It is BEAUTIFUL!!

Aidan said...

Not surprised and big love for the feature in the magazine. Tres chic.
aidan x

Mary said...

Oh that fabric is just wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

blandina said...

Congratulation for being published in a French magazine.
Beautiful fabrics, you have a special eye for stunning fabrics.

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