Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fort Buoux

Thank you for all the pencil case love after my last post. The cases were used in the raffles rather than sold on their own. A mother who'd won one was nice enough to ask after who'd made her prize and came across and thanked me, which really made my day.

We managed another small trip this weekend - a drive through the Luberon Valley on Sunday to visit Fort Buoux.


We were really hoping that the lavender would be in flower throughout the Valley, but it's still a bit early so we made do with medieval ruins.


This fortress was built in the 13th century and was used as a Protestant strong hold during the Religion Wars of the 16th century.


Eventually the fort was ordered to be dismantled in the 1660s by Louis XIV who was doing away with any rural structures that could be used by local resistance.


We saw house remnants:


Church remnants:


Grain silo remnants (which are thought to be considerably older than the fort):

You know your wide angle lens is good when you get your belly in the photo.

And lots of defensive works:


This fort is perched on a very high, sheer cliff top. It would have been a fantastic defensive position and a nightmare to try and attack. It is a bit of a hike up to the top (sensible shoes needed) and there are no railings of any sort on either the ruins or the massive cliff drop-offs that are all around.

Sheer cliff drops past the ruined wall.

Walkways with drop offs and no guard rails.

Needless to say, if you have children that you can't control DO NOT take them up here. Unless you are hoping to get rid of them.


The hike up is probably not suited to some 36 weeks pregnant women either, but I am fairly fit and took it easy. Plus I'd just seen the obstetrician on Saturday and he said I was in great shape and he couldn't see this baby coming early.

My ginormous belly shadow.

He also said I have a fine cervix, but I bet he says that to all the girls.

The views from the top are impressive. You can see Mt Ventoux on the horizon (with its white stone cap).


There is a hidden staircase you can use to descend, however the guide book advised against the elderly, pregnant women and small children using it. Given the mister is a ripe old 38 now, we ticked all three of those boxes so we came back down the way we came up.


I found some time for sewing as well this weekend, just something small as it seems to be all my pregnant brain can handle.


This is destined to be a table runner. Quilting is complete and I just need to bind it.


Hope you all had a great weekend!


Sarah - Red Gingham said...

What amazing block work. Such a shame so much of it was destroyed but it probably makes for more interesting photos this way. So grateful that you didn't include a photo of your fine cervix!! So close now to the big reveal. I love your new table runner. Loving the soft linen colours with the blues and that thread colour is my fav.

Sara Louise said...

If I had a dime every time I was told I had a fine cervix...
(apologies, utterly tasteless joke but I couldn't resist).
The Fort looks fantastic, I'm off to google maps to see how far it is from mine...

blandina said...

I received many compliments in my life, but nobody ever told me that I had a fine cervix, I guess it is a bit too late now?
Beautiful photos, as always, love the one showing the shadow of your tummy.

Susan said...

Yes, too late for a compliment like that for me! Fabulous photos as ever! I love the table runner too! Just pretty colours and great fabrics. Take care!

Marg said...

Yep I never received that compliment either. I too am eternally grateful we didn't get to, and hopefully won't in the future, see any photos of yours.
Love the fabric in your belly shot.
The sky is such a beautiful blue, and the ruins are amazing, such a pity that they were deliberately torn down.
Really lovely colour and fabric choices for the table runner.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I love the photos of places you explore - so many gorgeous places to see in France. I didn't realise your baby was due quite so soon - best wishes for your final weeks:)
Your obstetrician is certainly providing lots of interesting blog content.

knitalatte said...

Thanks for the great photo tour of your adventures at Fort Buoux. It made me a bit anxious when you described the dangerous cliffs, yikes. I thought it was so interesting that colors in your photographs are incorporated in your table runner, beautiful...

Eva said...

The history of the fort is really interesting! Beautiful views! It's great to hear you're doing well! :-) Cute belly shots! :-)

midge said...

another beautiful tour guide post. thanks kirsty, i love them. nothing like a fine cervix i always say!

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