Friday, April 15, 2011

Bonny Bonnieux

One last post - we are off for two weeks' holiday through Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland so it will be a while before I'm back in here again.


I keep a close eye on the cherry tree in our backyard in Spring to see when it's in flower - it's a good indication of when it's time to take a drive to the Luberon Valley.


This is what our cherry tree was doing, so we quickly decided to take a mid week trip to the hilltop village of Bonnieux, hoping to see flowering fruit trees en masse.


If you look in my banner above you can see the shot I got last year - trees in perfect blossom with a field of yellow flowers below. Gorgeous.


Unfortunately we were a little late - Spring has definitely come earlier this year, plus it's been a lot warmer now in April than in May 2010, when I took that photo. So most of the trees had gone past blossoms to leaves.


I also caught some pretty poor light for photo taking (excuses, excuses) and would have loved to wait for the 'golden hours' before sunset, but the three hungry children in the back of the car didn't give a toss about my photographic aspirations.


So we headed to the fab playground at the base of Bonnieux and had ourselves a yummy picnic dinner.

Looking up at beautiful Bonnieux. 


The kids got to run around, play in the sand and then we were all treated to a pretty spectacular sunset.


I mentioned last weekend the mister was running in the Paris Marathon. I'm proud to announce he not only made it, but he also finished with a very respectable time of 3hr 50. 


Five days later his legs are feeling good, but I must say his feet are in pretty bad shape. Nothing that time and corrective surgery can't fix (jokes). 


Race participants all received this helpful guide book in their starter packs. 


Plenty of good last minute advice there. I especially liked this last point (or perhaps more the english translation):

Nipple chafe: Even the French hate it. 

Be good and have fun, folks. I'll be back in two weeks with travel stories to tell and a sewing itch to scratch. Bonnes vacances


Belinda Saville said...

I have coffee dribbling out my nose thanks to that last photo...that is the best 'lost in translation' I've seen all year. Coffee snorting goodness, that is :-D

Think of me back in cold, grey, miserable Melbourne while you're off gallivanting around beautiful, sunny, exotic Europe. I'm not jealous, really I'm not... *hmph* Live it up, lovely!


Maaike said...

Ooh... such gorgeous pictures! Did your lenses arrive on time?! Bravo for the mister by the way, I deeply respect that kind of achievements. And enjoy the trip big time!

love, Maaike

Marg said...

Ha ha ha great translation, oh my that's hilarious.
As always I love your pics and they still look fabulous even if you say the trees don't have as many flowers as last year.
Hope you have a wonderful holiday, I'm jealous, at least I have lovely weather here.....finally!

blandina said...

Bon voyage et...à bientot!

Aidan said...

Have a wonderful holiday. I know you will document it all with beautiful photos so I look forward to that. The Mister looks good on the cover of the marathon mag...
nothing worse than chafed tits.
a xo

Dianne said...

Wonderful spring shots of that fab little hilltop village - it featured in the film "A Good Year" which I have watched over and over.
Congrats to the Mister for completing the Paris marathon is such good time - well done great effort!!
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and keep safe. xx

Lauren said...

Gorgeous close-ups of the flowers!

Christine said...

LOL, the bandages for tits is so funny!! maybe we should invent runner's titty covers so that they don't have to waste bandaids. hmmm.. Hope you are enjoying your vacation.

Delana@dujour said...

I'm still giggling about that translation. It's good to know that I'm not the only one that mucks things up! The photos are beautiful. I drive through Bonnieux often when visitors arrive but I've never seen a sunset like that! Have a great trip.

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