Friday, April 8, 2011


I've managed to get our holiday booked (Barcelona, Tuscany, Munich, Switzerland, phew) so I thought a reward post was warranted.

Another travel post, this time inspired by a certain lady who spent her honeymoon in this little Provençal village.


This is Meyrargues.


Now, Meyrargues is not a sightseer's haven. It's just a normal village going about day-to-day life which is refreshing after the trinket shops and overpriced restaurants of other more tourist-oriented towns.

That said, of course we did go to see the few touristy sites within the town.


We headed up the hill in the centre of the village to the Chateau, initially built in the 9th century, with considerable improvements made in the 1700s (the Chateau is now a 4 star hotel, wedding venue and honeymoon hotspot).


Just past the Chateau is the start of several hiking trails which connect to neighbouring villages.


After some brief and shaky explorations we headed back down the hill  towards the cemetery to take in the aqueduct ruins.


These date from Roman days when water was needed to supply the nearby city of Aix-en-Provence.

Not the biggest ruins, but still charming, and not another person in sight.


Then it was off to the neighbouring village of Peyrolles-en-Provence, which is only 5 km (3 mi) down the road. This arch leads you to the centre ville, the ancient heart of the village.


The streets are narrow and the buildings older than any Australian could imagine.


The windows are so romantic:


Especially those with an ashtray and quarter bottle of rosé (methinks a good night was had here):


The two most ignored signs in France: no parking and no dog crapping:


Another archway revealed the The Hôtel de Ville of Peyrolles-en-Provence.


Formerly the castle of King Roy René.


And then we had to be on our way, not even time for a coffee. Although only in the area for a few hours, we enjoyed our morning in Meyrargues and Peyrolles-en-Provence.


Right, back to the grind. If I can get through the rest of the admin before we leave I've given myself permission to sew up a skirt or two for my little girl. I could do with some instant gratification. 

Please think of the mister this weekend - he's running the Paris Marathon. 

Good luck, Schmoopy; bon weekend, everyone else! 


Wendy said...

Sounds like it will be a great holiday. Barcelona is wonderful and the Gaudi park and the Gaudi house are not to be missed. Also try the restaurant Tapa Tapa, it's a chain but it's fantastic, such a choice of tapas. A note of warning, I was mugged in Barcelona, the theives are rife, but opportunistic. Wear your bag across your body and keep hold of it at all times. Take a money belt for the majority of your cash and your cards. Seriously, the police station was full of tourists. Munich is also wonderful and I like Switzerland but not sure where you're going. I've never made it to Tuscany.

Susan said...

Bon chance? Is that how it goes? Lovely little town, kind of reminds me of you now that cute little village? And you are TOO young to know Roy Rene! Mo? LOL! Happy weekend! Suz

blandina said...

A lovely reportage that makes me more and more willing to visit Provence.
You will see during your travel through Italy that those 2 signs are the less respected here also...

Dianne said...

Beautiful little village and I love the egg-blue shutters with pretty little balcony. But how to pronounce Meyrargues - I've no idea!!

Aidan said...

K- again you have shown me something I didn't see through your camera lens and keen eye. Great photos. And I can imagine sitting at the window enjoying a glass or two of pink. Even w an ashtray in the old days.
Bon courage mister!
Tout la famille, a x

michelle said...

thank you once again for the delightful tour. your travel posts make my morning coffee so much more enjoyable

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