Friday, February 18, 2011

Miss Molly comes to stay.

During the auctions to raise money for those affected by the Queensland floods, I bid on and won a lovely doll made by Michelle over at Midge & Judy.

Miss Molly had arrived when we returned from our ski trip and was given to my daughter, who turned 5 on Wednesday. Here she is on Miss 5's bed.


Miss Molly has her own little dolly too, cutely tucked into her pocket.


Now this is Miss 5's main squeeze, the eloquently named Cowie. Cowie is the chief receiver of cuddles and absorber of tears in the house.


But how did he feel about Miss Molly moving in on his turf?


Hmm, not so good. But Miss Molly has a way with words (and knows some incredibly dirty jokes. Honestly Michelle, what are you teaching these dolls?)


Soon Cowie had come around to the idea of someone else sharing the bed.


He figures at least he's got someone to talk to while Miss 5's at school.


Michelle also kindly included one of her fabulous bags with Miss Molly. Made from a vintage tea towel, the bag has a koala on one side and budgies and a kingfisher on the other. Perfect for a young Aussie mum!

(You can find these darling bags in Michelle's etsy shop, along with some of the cutest baby shoes I've ever seen)


Someone else was quite smitten with the bag too.


There might be an ownership challenge soon!


Thank you so much Michelle for the gorgeous Miss Molly (and dolly) and the sweet little bag. They are a much appreciated addition to our home!

And because it's Friday, how about a catchy tune to take us into the weekend?

This guy is French but is singing in English, so I guess he's aiming for the US market. Has this song been seen out in the wilds of America or Australia yet?

This song is so upbeat, and the video clip has some cool effects. Can I admit though, I want to hand the man some barrettes and a pair of trousers one size up? Sometimes a girl likes a bit of mystery, and those trousers don't leave much to the imagination. I think I must be getting old.

Bon weekend, tout le monde!


petals and vintage said...

Ha, the first thing I noticed were the jeans!! Hmmm!!

As for Molly, she is just adorable with her baby, how could Cowie not fall in love with her? (I gather Cowie is a he)

I think you have lost your bag :)

Pam x

Eva said...

Oohh, I love your little photo love-story between Molly and Cowie. :-) And those bag pics ... :-D!!! Be sure to keep them and show them to his first girlfriend! ;-)

I agree with you on the pants ... The video is great, though, and the effects ... :-D stars coming out of backside anyone?! :-D Thank you for sharing!!

Susan said...

Now what shall I comment on first- the 'camel toe' in the jeans as he struts down the stairs!? And who had fun taking those photos? How funny! Oh and your adorable little one with your Aussie bag! That was THE best post I have read in ages!!! You had me laughing out loud!

Maaike said...

How cute is your baby with that little gorgeous bag!! I love the pics...
Have a great weekend,
love Maaike

michelle said...

how the hell did he bust those moves in those spray on Faberge's, good god i though only aussies in the 70's dressed like that. and i say bugger the barrettes get that man straight to a barber. you think you are getting old-walk in my shoes girl.
Thanks so much for that gorgeous post and the shout out. i can't wipe the smile off my face. your pics are beautiful and it looks like miss molly has settled into her new home. Im'm so glad miss 5 had a good birthday and love that the baby has taken ownership of the mama bag perhaps he will start toting his own nappies.

diana said...

Ok, there's something very wrong (or not) happening to the crafty blogging ladies these days.

First Lily from Lily's quilts is showing a very intimate block :D, then Jodie from vintage ric rac is coming with some very indecent donkeys, next again Lily is having not one, but two 'show me yours I'll show you mine' posts, and now you with this guy with way to skinny jeans. What's wrong with this world :)))))

diana said...

Oh, and this Michelle lady, teaching the dolls this kind of no no :)))))

Belinda Saville said...

Good golly, Miss Molly...she is just too cute with that perpetual smile! :-) Loved your little photo story of Molly meeting grin got wider and wider as I scrolled down :-D But seeing your little man wearing that little handbag was the icing on the cake...I think you've already lost the handbag battle, m'dear ;-)

Hope you're feeling well and bub is behaving!


Marg said...

Lucky Miss Molly, going to live in France with Miss 5. Very pleased Cowie and Miss Molly are now happy friends!
Love, love the bag.
The jeans, hmm, I hope he doesn't bend over, hard to notice the hair after seeing the jeans. The hair reminds me of an ex boyfriend from the very early 80s. It was ok first time around not sure I want to see hair like that again.
No that video/song has not appeared here yet.

magpie chic said...

I LOVE that budgie bag, infact i really covet it and will be looking out for budgie teatowels forever until the next "love " strikes and i forget about the budgies!!!! The things in her etsy shop are great. If i were you I'd establish dominant ownership rights over that bag RIGHT NOW or you may well be too late.
x Jacqui

annieb said...

OK, what hair? What special effects? All I could focus on was the can that be the least bit comfortable? Cute song, though.

momto2wasd said...

The pictures with the bag are too cute!!
I haven't heard the song in the US (although I'm not up on current music), but it is fun. I don't mind they guy's hair, but, yes, jeans in a few sizes up would be good!

blandina said...

Girls, I understand that you are getting older and wish to see more modesty around you, but when you reach MY age (57) that type of jeans is the only kind that you will get...

Lauren said...

Think this guy might be a fan of budgie smugglers in Australia.

Aidan said...

I loved this post. and again, the back of baby shot, this time with the bag...squeeze! And that doll is too cute but not enough to overshadow Cowie. I'll bet when you push your face into Cowie it smells like love.
a x

Sara Louise said...

So cute how Miss Molly comes with her very own dolly :-)

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