Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Mont-Blanc Tramway

See, there really was snow:


Although all those grassy bits shouldn't be there.


On our second last afternoon we took the Mont-Blanc Tramway from St Gervais up to the last stop at Bellvue.


 In summer the tram goes further up the mountain to stations that only open in the warmer weather.


On the way up we passed plenty of skiers making the most of what was on the ground. Can you see those big jumps on the left, bigger than the ski huts? There sure are some crazy people out there.


Up at Bellvue the views were stunning.


Yes, but which way to the coffee shop?

Despite this silhouette I was wearing jeans, not a kaftan. 

We found the coffee shop (where we drank beer) and passed the time until the tram took us back down the mountain. 


On the return trip the baby may or may not have accosted this poor lady's coat and then spent the last 20 minutes yelling to go to bed. 

Mmmmm, furry. 

I choose to forget that part. 


Susan said...

Your children look really cute! They remind me of when mine were little, blond and innocent!

Devon said...

Beautiful,,thanks for taking us along..

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Oh just look at your sweet little babies! So cute. Funny about the coat. The sun shining on the mountains looks so beautiful, what great weather.

Maaike said...

The views look indeed stunning! How great mountains are, when you son't have them near you like here in Amsterdam... And the kids are cute!
Love, Maaike

Brenna [fabuleuxdestin] said...

How pretty! And what cute babies :)

Bloom said...

Amazing photos as usual Kirsty. Stunning! And one very cute furry-coat-accosting baby! Sounds like a brilliant day,

The above fore-mentioned. said...

Great photographs, very jealous of your snow (even if it is not as much as usual), as I am sitting sweating in Brisbane.

michelle said...

it looks stunning kirsty. and can i say there is nothing like sitting in the sunshine in snow drinking a beer. love it

Aidan said...

the mont-blanc tram looks like something the kids would go crazy for. next year maybe....
and what is it about photos of the backs of our babies that is just so incredibly cute?
i love the fuzzy white hair.
a x

Marg said...

Fabulous photos Kirsty, it looks so inviting especially after a steamy summer day here in Qld.
Love the babies, so cute.

k said...

i love all the cutesy old trains :)

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