Thursday, May 2, 2013

Noosa and Eumundi

We had a weekend away at Noosa to coincide with one of the mister's biking events.

Noosa beach in Queensland, Australia

Noosa is on the Sunshine Coast, about 130kms north of Brisbane.


It's a super popular tourist spot for anyone who loves the beach, eating out and shopping.

What is this stuff?

You know you're in Queensland when you find beer stashed in the palm trees.


The Noosa River meets the ocean here so you get both beach front and river front businesses and homes.



Spotted in the river mangroves

Saturday morning I tagged along with Marg and her daughter on a trip to the Eumundi markets.


Eumundi is in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, about 20kms inland, southwest of Noosa.


We arrived early (7am, how's that for early) and had no troubles at all with parking or crowds.


By 8am we were a little peckish and sat down for a yummy cooked breakfast without having to wait for a table.


The markets are very popular with good reason - plenty of original and quality handmade items with a dash of fresh produce and cooked food stalls.


Despite having breakfast less than an hour before, we caved in and had some teeny dutch pancakes:


Amongst the all the lovely, tasteful wares there has to be some crassness, or it's just not Australian.

Case One:

Keyrings and coin purses made from cane toads.

I know hate is a strong word, but Queenslanders hate cane toads. Introduced in 1935 from South/Central America to eat a beetle that destroyed sugarcane crops, the species bred like Catholics* and badly affected some of our native fauna. Not to mention poisoned our cats and dogs (their skin is toxic). To add insult to injury, the bloody things didn't even eat the beetles. Way to go, Australian scientists!

Case Two:

Firstly, are you eating? If you're eating: stop eating.

I don't actually even know what sort of functioning device this is supposed to be.

But it's made from a kangaroo scrotum. I bet he sure misses his scrotum.

Lordy, did I have fun typing kangaroo scrotum in the flickr tag box. And look, I've just typed it a few more times.

Alright, enough silliness from me. Just go and visit Noosa and Eumundi and don't forget to pick up your very own kangaroo scrotum. I bet they're really soft.

View from a lookout in the Eumundi area. I had house envy.

Enjoy the end of your week!

*I am allowed to say this because I am Catholic. I also have 4 children which proves the point.


Maaike said...

Hi Kirsty, haha once again I was laughing out loud when reading your post with beautiful pictures in between :). Those stupid frog things... and they are ugly too! Haha.

And of course I am very happy to see you like poffertjes, that's what the teeny pancakes are called.

bye from finally sunny and warm Canada,


Nicola said...

That first photo is breathtaking. More than makes up for the ugly cane toads and kangaroo bits. Looks like you're still living in a lovely part of the world!

Katy Cameron said...

Well that all looks rather idyllic! Well perhaps not for the native fauna... ;o)

Speaking of idyllic, I shall be over in your old stomping ground in about 6 weeks - can't wait!

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

Only in Australia, lol. Gorgeous photos!

Marg said...

Stunning photos Kirsty. Even though I can see all this any day of the week, you make me want to drop everything to go and sit by the water and soak up that beautiful view.

Betty said...

It's all so weird at the other side of the world ... I'm so glad I have you for an interpreter!
Dried up frogs and kangaroo scrotum!
I bet the "poffertjes" were nice (the tiny pancake like edibles)

blandina said...

What an idyllic place! I put Noosa on my 'things to see in Australia' list.
I love the pictures of the market, and your dry humour about frogs, scrotums and children.

Jenny M said...

Ah, beautiful Noosa, a favourite spot to visit for 5-7 days to get away from a Melbourne winter. I have been to the Eumundi market a few times now, but I have never seen the cane toad purses or the other 'things', and I am happy that I haven't. Love the sign about Saving the Rhino!

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Seriously, those aussies! What will they think of next? How revolting it would be to see someone pull out a dead frog to pay! Looks like a very nice market otherwise, love those cushions. I hope your little break was what you needed after all that unpacking. Are you done yet?

leanne said...

thanks for the tour and giggle (great photos) - can't believe there was no crowd at eumundi - I went last May at around 10am and the place was packed - must go at 7am next time !!

Sara Louise said...

kangaroo scrotum, kangaroo scrotum, kangaroo scrotum, kangaroo scrotum... that was fun!
And I know you're missing France, especially now that it's rosé season, but that first photo looks like pure heaven! xx

Unknown said...
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