Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hong Kong with Kids: Science Museum, Disneyland and Ocean Park

What to do in Hong Kong if you have the littles along with you? There's plenty to choose from, including Hong Kong's Science Museum.

Hong Kong Science Museum

There is plenty of stuff to keep kids of all ages entertained.

Activity stands at the Hong Kong Science Museum

It's also very interactive and hands-on, just the way kids like it.

And I learned a lot about...um...ah, what was I learning again?

The mirrors room was tons of fun.


Monkey skeletons are scary:


I managed to get ahead of the kids for a bit in the biology area - I came back and steered them away from these ones:

4pm in a museum was not where I wanted to answer those questions, if you know what I mean.


Adults and kids alike will really enjoy this museum, and it's a handy option if the weather's not so great.


Next up is that timeless treasure: chez Disney.

Just like the slogan promises, it was magical. From the metro carriages that take you into the park:

Disney metro carriage at Hong Kong Disneyland

To all the other typically Disney sights, with a touch of Asia.

Muppets at Hong Kong Disneyland
The first time I've ever seen Beaker's knees.

Winter is a fantastic time to visit - we arrived an hour after opening and there were three people in front of us at the entrance ticket stands. Does that ever happen in the US?

The longest ride wait was 20 mins - and only for one of the rides we encountered (most were only a 5-10 min wait). No need to elbow in to get a place at the afternoon parade, either. It was very civilised:


Our blond kids had the locals fascinated:


At least a dozen Chinese families asked if they could take their photo with our children (adults not invited). There were plenty who didn't bother asking, like these two guys:

It was amusing, annoying and kinda weird in equal amounts.

Come 8pm it was time for the fireworks and a twilight stroll down Main Street:

Main Street, Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is smaller than the US parks (we never made it to EuroDisney so I can't comment there) which makes it perfect for a single day out. No need for 3 day tickets.


I would say the rides are more on the quiet side - which was great for us, having younger kids. If you have adrenalin-junkie teenagers, you'd be better heading to...

Ocean Park.

A much bigger amusement park - a blend of rides, animal shows/displays and deep fried seafood vendors.

Ocean Park in Hong Kong

Again, we all had a ball here, even though our kids weren't big enough for over half the rides. The penguins made up for it. And the seals:





Panda at Ocean Park in Hong Kong

Really weird goldfish:


Teddy shoes:


One of the roller coasters we could all go on (except the baby) - how good is that view?


At the end of the day there is a hologram/laser type show around the large central fountain, complete with music, pyrotechnics and the odd dragon. Needless to say, the kids (and us, actually) were impressed.

So, a few more options to consider if you find yourself lucky enough to travel to Hong Kong.

If you're looking for more you'll find previous posts here and here.

A bientôt! 


Katy Cameron said...

Well that was quite the diverse selection of attractions! I feel slightly sorry for those deep fried vendors though, that must be quite sore ;o)

Annie Cholewa said...

Those guys with the seals look like extras from Star Trek!

I'd love to visit Hong Kong, but I'm not likely to get there any time soon, in fact if it's as many years as I think it will be my kids will have kids to enjoy the rides by then!

Delana@dujour said...

I tell you girl, you are one of the bravest people I know. Taking kids to Hong Kong! Who knew there was so much to do there with them? Hope all is well. France misses you.

Ali said...

I really need to become your au pair so that you can take me to all these fun places too.

Aidan said...

Golly, I miss you. It's so nice to see the kids but how freaky is it that people were taking their photos, without asking.
The museum looks amazing. I'll bet hey really loved it all. Paul and I couldn't get over the glass bottomed zippy cars from the last post. They looked SO cool and SCARY! I would have been so nervy.
France won't get sunny, won't stop raining. I think it's crying for you.
A xo

Nicola said...

You have sold me on Hong Kong. Maybe we'll tag along the next time Keith goes - which is often! There are random pictures of my blond kids out there too on the cameras of Asian tourists. So weird. Favourite photo from this post - the Minnie Mouse fountain!

Sara Louise said...

Um, yeah, monkey skeletons are scary. And what's with the bubble fetuses??!! Freaky. xx.

Marg said...

I have to go back to Hong Kong. No kids so won't necessarily be doing the ki stuff but Disneyland/world looks good as does Ocean Park. Of course, I couldn't go past yum cha either.

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