Friday, August 17, 2012

Les Jardins d'Albertas in Bouc-Bel-Air

Thank you for all the encouragement regarding my new point and shoot camera - I'm hoping things will only get better once I read the instruction manual!

Jardins d'Albertas in Provence, France

I've put all the camera details and the reasons why I chose it in on my Resources page for those who are interested.


Wednesday was a public holiday here so we took a little excursion to the nearby Jardins d'Albertas. 

Jardins d'Albertas fountain, Provence, France

Their website shows a short video of the flower markets they hold in the Spring (which we sadly have not attended).


We have, however, visited the gardens before - almost exactly 2 years ago.


I took my DSLR that day - yesterday I brought the point and shoot.


These were all taken with the automatic setting (because I still haven't read the manual) and I think they turned out pretty well for not too much effort on my part!


And so we wind down to another weekend. The mister is taking off to participate in an epic, one-week biking event (the Haute Route) for which he's been training very hard. He is indeed crazy. Crazy with very tight buns. Je profite, non? 

Have a great weekend, everyone! See on Monday with a little Liberty tutorial.


  1. Danke für die wundervollen Bilder.

    liebe Grüße von Danny

  2. Beautiful pictures again!! That place is beautiful! Good luck to the mister on the bike event! Ha ha Oui!

  3. He's obviously doing all the training just for you ;o)

  4. Another gorgeous set of images, thanks for sharing. Especially love the one with the statue in the foreground.

  5. Gorgeous from top to bottom ;) Your point and shot looks like it takes fantastic pictures.

  6. As I said, your talent with a camera is innate! Good luck to hubby! Looking forward to your Liberty tute! Have a great weekend.

  7. Haute Route? C'est une bonne route pour vous! Got to love a lad in form fitting lycra.

  8. I just went and checked out the camera reviews on your Resources page. After viewing your two point-and-shoot options, I'd agree you made the right choice. I own a Canon SX200 (at the time it was considered a good option for its zoom) and my sister owns a Canon S90. We travel together often, and I like her camera better than mine, mostly because it weighs less. I don't think the extra zoom lens is worth the extra weight. Anyway, your pictures with your new camera look good, and you've encouraged me to keep on taking pictures with mine.

    1. Thanks for that - I do think about that zoom and how great it would be, so you've made me feel even better about my decision. Good luck with your photography!

  9. It's a beautiful place and you captured it wonderfully. Thanks for emailing me the other day and thanks for directing me to your Resource Page. That's helpful!
    Take care.

  10. Hi Kristy! Mark sent me here as I am currently looking for a smaller camera to take on travels. I love your photos and your resource page is a big help. I'm a new follower! I currently use a Canon EOS 10D and I love is heavy and bulky and when traveling and touring not so easy to use. I'm currently looking at a Canon PowerShot SX40 so I won't have to change lenses. I will be checking out all the cameras you have recommended. always, Linda

  11. Oh Brisbane had a public holiday on Wednesday too, snap!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on cameras. I think your skill in photography means it doesn't matter what camera you have, you still take beautiful photos.

  12. well kirsty, it's a dreary wet saturday morning here in melbourne. thanks to you i have escaped it for a half hour while i catch up on your spectacular bloggy goodness. thanks for the tour, it made my saturday morning coffee all the more enjoyable.

  13. You must be one happy bunny!

  14. Hi! You have a really nice blog but I wonder if you are on twitter or have a fb page for your blog. How can I get regular updates?

    1. Hi Jeanette, if you look up on the top right of the blog you'll see the social media buttons. You can subscribe in your reader, or by email and I also have a facebook page. Cheers!

  15. Kirsty, I am a newbie visiting your blog, which I found through selvage blog. Your photos are just fine and when you get around to reading the booklet, they may even be better. I say that since I never read my booklet, either.

    I am excited to see another place in the world and also your sewing and quilting projects. PS-The worst toilet training time I had was when I spotted the kid sitting on a display toilet at Sears. Luckily nothing had happened, yet, and we hustled right out of there.

  16. Hi Bridget, thanks for dropping by and your kind words on my photos.
    Display toilet. Hilarious. I bet you broke out in a cold sweat when you saw that, I certainly would have. It's one thing to have to take plastic bags out when you walk your dog, but no one expects to have to scoop the poop when out with the toddler!

  17. The pics are great! I took my point and shoot out for a spin yesterday since we were at a cycling event and didn't fancy lugging my boat anchor of a DSLR around all day. I've got a 5 year old Cannon Powershot SD750 which has always been great...even managed my first 2.5 years of blogging using it only. I'm off to see what you decided on...

    As for tight buns, I'm with you there.


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