Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Point and Shoot

I'm actually talking about my new camera but the title works well with our potty training dramas.

I'm happy to report the little guy can point and shoot like a pro, and yesterday we had our first break though with the grosser side of potty training. I had no idea releasing your poo into the wide world of porcelain could be so traumatic.

I'm praying he's got the hang of it and can repeat his efforts today.

The new camera: it's a little point and shoot I bought during the July sales.

Fountain and restaurant seating in the evening light in Aix-en-Provence, France

I love my DSLR, but it can be a lot to lug around with lenses and all. I've missed plenty of great photo opportunities because I didn't have the brick with me.

A glass of champagne before dinner in a street in Aix-en-Provence, France

Dinner dates are a great example - it's easy to slip the camera into your handbag. These shots were all taken in Aix-en-Provence on Saturday evening.


If I hadn't taken the point and shoot I would've missed these Olympic athletes out on the town:

Dressed up as an Olympic gymnast
Love the cigarette.

Lanterns at the Aix-en-Provence evening markets, France
The Aix night markets are on every evening in August, along the Cours Mirabeau.

Another case: the beach. We headed out to la plage on Sunday morning, somewhere I would never take my DSLR for fear of getting sand in it. (I would take it if I was alone on a specific photo-taking visit, but not with four kids and three bags of beach gear.) I just popped the camera in a zip lock bag and then put it in my pocket.

It was the baby's first trip to the beach. This is what he thought of it:


Hated the water, hated the sand. He had to be held the whole time.

We told him this just would not do for an Australian, even a French-born one. More beach time required.

Some other weekend activities:

Finished another pair of boxers, for the baby this time.

hand stitching to embellish a piece of French linen
Some embellishing during the closing ceremony (had to watch George Michael, of course!)

Have a wonderful week everyone,
A bientôt!

P.S. I have decided that the little critter in the tree was in fact a vole or dormouse, as some of you suggested. Let us never mention the word rat again. #indenial


Susan said...

Ah rats- we are doing our dissecting on Thursday! And bubs needs a serious talking to if he is going to be a bronzed surf lifer saver one day! You are just as seriously talented with a point and shoot as you are with your DSLR!!

Shontelle said...

Your point and shoot shots are gorgeous. I have to say...WTF is going on with those faux pubes? Nasty Town! I love seeing people getting up to random craziness.

Meredith said...

I loved seeing George, too! I love my point and shooter...I almost always have it on me. I just need to get better about uploading photos.

Thoses athletes you saw are very funny!

verobirdie said...

I thought you were talking of petanque...
Poor baby who does not like the beach... How is he going to become a surfer? Sigh :-)

Mark said...

Are you kidding me with these shots! Seriously, my point and shoots would totally suck. Did you mention what kind you bought? Although I took my old Sony to the beach last year, I kept my Canon 5D far away this year. I could have totally used your camera. Great idea!

Betty said...

I don't blame the little one!
I was looking for his "I hate the ff-ing beach" but this one'll do:

Michelle Carvalho said...

Those point and shoot pictures are beautiful! I hate lugging my big camera around too, it just adds so much more weight to my bag :(. Love your little guys face at the beach, too cute. We took my son to the beach last month and he wouldn't get in the water at all, everytime a wave came he would run back to 'safety', at least he played in the sand though!

Maaike said...

Wow the update you did to your blog is so great! I see hours and hours of work in organizing your travels and projects, but it is so perfect to be able to search through them this way - certainly got me inspired to do some updating...

Love it Kirsty! Bravo


Katy Cameron said...

Aww, bless, not at all a happy beach camper! Loving the pics though, especially the athletes ;o)

Cath said...

I am so impressed with the photo's the point and shoot camera achieves! Why do we all insist on lugging around those heavy DSLR cameras? You had ME with the little one's expression on the beach! Priceless!
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Omma Velada said...

Love those lights at the Aix night markets! Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous shots... and let's hope the little Aussie finds his beach groove soon :-)

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh what a diverse range of shots in this post, too funny though, those lycra ensembles??
Too cute with the beach reaction. I remember some of our children not liking sand, as it crumbled under their feet & felt wet, cold, hot. Ditto grass. Isn't that funny. THe face is priceless, perfect for a future surfing birthday invitation!! Love Posie

Eva said...

Your point and shoot pics look great! And it really is work to lug around the big camera sometimes! It's good to hear the potty training is going better, not nice imagining the two of you covered in poo every day ... :-/

Poor little guy, I'm not a big fan of the beach either. But then again I'm not moving to Australia soon ...

Thank you for so many cool pics and your reports about your holidays, I've been reading but lurking ... shame on me!

Nicola said...

Ah!! You had me at the Wiggles swimsuit! We saw them live twice. India was a big fan of the original line-up :) Have never seen GM live but totally thought of you as we watched the closing ceremony. Two songs. Really?! Sharing your beach going and potty training pain with our two year old as well!

American Mom in Bordeaux said...

Very nice point & shoot photos...I guess I probably need to upgrade my point & shoot. What make & model is yours? Definitely know what you mean about lugging the big camera...not to mention how one stands out as "the photographer" or "tourist" - nothing discreet about DSR cameras! Hopefully beach time will get better - I remember my middle daughter going through that phase..sitting in stroller worked well for her..something about the sand at that age.

Lauren said...

Top marks for the point and shoot results on both fronts. I'd be interested to know what brand your new camera is as well.

artsycraftsyivy said...

Gorgeous pics! I'm curious which camera you got. Also, gorgeous stitching on that paisley! Advanced embroidery, I'd say!

Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Thanks Ivy! I've popped all the camera info in my Resources page, as it got a bit long to put it all here.

artsycraftsyivy said...

Thanks, Kirsty! :)

Sara Louise said...

Oh yeah, Aidan did tell me you had a rat in your tree! (hee hee)
And I think your littlest might be mine because I look pretty much the same at the beach (sand = yuck) x

Aidan said...

Paul was reading this post and I, hovering over his shoulder, couldn't stop laughing (as usual) at your double entendre for point and shoot. Plus I loved the H in the sand.
And I have to say the fake explosion of pubic hair frightened me. So many emotions in one post. You're the best, my friend.
A x

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