Sunday, April 29, 2012

A quick bonjour from Normandy

  • We're touring around northern France for spring break. 
  •  It's rained every day so far.  
  • It sure is green up here. 
  •  I had two posts drafted, complete with photos and ready to go in my absence. Both were deleted the day the new Blogger Dashboard changed over. I said a very rude word in front of my children.  
  • We went to Camembert today. 
  • It is only by the grace of elastane that I will arrive home in the same clothes I left in. 
  • Wifi is sporadic but I'm still getting around the interwebs; looking forward to catching up with you all when we get back!


  1. I'm up as late as you posting ;) We did damp Disneyland today but it was still fun. Hope the sun comes out for you as you head back south!

  2. How annoying about the posts! I hope you'll have some sunny weather for the rest of your trip! Happy Sunday!

  3. The rain and that green go hand in hand ;o) I'd have said sweary words about the lost posts too, in fact I have said sweary words because it's not compatible with the ancient IE6 we have at work, where I do a lot of my blog reading at lunchtime!

  4. Ugh, bummer about the rain, and the deleted posts! I hope that the fabulous butter is making up for it all.

  5. Oh no, I would have said mire than one swear word, I would have strung a whole lot together. Hoping your tour around Normandy will make up for the lost posts, and the weather improves.

  6. Hoping for better weather but even a rainy day is better when you can meet up with a blog friend... All those little berries!


  7. Is Camembert made out of cheese? Please tell me it is, like a cheese version of Candy Land x

  8. Hi, I just found your blog, your photography is so exciting. I especially love the photos of Carnaval. The French really know how to throw a party! I am up way past my bed-time, so I'll be back to stroll through more of your site. All I can say is "You had me at bonjour". Your newest follower, # 450. Please accept my invitation to visit and to hopefully follow my blog, as well. Your blog is first-rate! Connie :)

  9. Hi Kristy, I just want to say thank you for following my blog. Be safe on your new journey and take a lot of photos. I'm looking forward to seeing Normandy with you. Connie :)

  10. It just struck me, reading your post, that 'Camembert' could sound like a rude word depending on delivery and intonation (and the absence of an accompanying cracker).

    PS. When Blogger automatically switched me over I found a way to switch back to the luddite version. Nt sure how long that will last...


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